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"Knowledge is power" takes on a new meaning in the era of BIG DATA. Access to information has become a competitive advantage. If you cannot access information quickly, you end up losing money. Companies that can quickly and easily access data and information have a clear advantage over the competition. Our solutions help you search for and find information in unstructured data in seconds. Best of all, they work completely independent of volumes, sources, formats, and location. We can help you turn your data into information, whether you need to access, store, or archive.


The smart solution for document management and global archiving that's independent of data formats.

EMA® is ARTEC's universal appliance for economically efficient and legally compliant archiving of business information. Whether you want to back up e-mail messages, SAP documents, printed documents, scans, files or phone calls (VoIP) - EMA® is easy to administer and adapts to the individual needs of your company with its flexible modules and interfaces. The appliance works in small, medium, and enterprise environments, and only requires minimal configuration before it is ready to begin archiving. More...

ARTEC SMART Integration Tools

Integrate Unstructed Data Directly Into Mission-Critical Applications

The growth of unstructured data continues to accelerate in most companies. Using data efficiently and effectively is important in order to implement a solution comprehensive digital information management. More...

WAN Synchronization

Point-in-Time Data Synchronization without Latency Woes

WAN Synchronization is the result of an AOS feature that allows EMA® to synchronize data even when appliances are placed in data centers that are located separate geographical areas. If data is has to be synchronized between two geographically separated sites over a certain distance, the use of conventional protocols often results in substantial latency problems. More...

EMA® DeDup Server

Avoid Duplicates and Increase Performance

EMA® is highly suitable for email archiving in large and very large enterprise-level infrastructures. If several EMA® appliances are used with Exchange Server, the limitations of Microsoft Exchange Journaling present a challenge: the use of single instancing is not effective and a relatively high proportion of duplicates may occur for technical reasons. More...

Firegate VPN

Connect Cloud Data and Hosted Applications Securely

Companies and organizations that outsource important applications such as archiving and information management as well as the corresponding data to the cloud often face a crucial challenge: their own IT infrastructure is protected excellently and the cloud environment or the external data center appears to be optimally protected according to today's standards. But what about implementing secure access for exchanging data between these two ecosystems? More...

eDiscovery Services

Search and Find using ARTEC's eDiscovery Solutions

The eDiscovery Services are ARTEC's new and user-friendly IT forensics solutions. They were designed for law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and other organizations that need on-demand e-discovery, data management, analysis, and information governance in order to prepare electronic evidence securely and confidently. Compared to conventional solutions, we can help you spend less on and save time during discovery. More...

Case Management

Structured Information Management

When you face a legal dispute, regulatory inquiries, or an internal corporate investigation, handling your electronic data and the information it contains is vital for the proceedings to go smoothly. Legal requirements constantly change and the amounts of data that need to be processed continue to grow. This makes collecting evidence more difficult and more costly than ever before. Processing data correctly and keeping it organized increases the overall efficiency of the process and is the best way to lower the costs that come with evidence preservation. More...

VSTOR® Vault

Reliable Mass Storage Solutions - Easy to Use, Modular, Scalable, and Affordable

ARTEC's VSTOR® Vault product family offers full-fledged mass storage with high performance and high quality at an affordable price. VSTOR® Vault supports all usage scenarios and also works well with the ARTEC EMA® product family. The VSTOR® Vault series offers high performance and flexible connectivity. It supports DAS, SAN, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and NAS. VSTOR® Vault is easy to manage, and scales very well due to its modular design. More...

Cloud Services

Secure and Scalable Solutions that Meet Your Requirements

All ARTEC products are also available as cloud solutions that meet all relevant security criteria. Our cloud services can help you build a safe, flexible, and efficient IT infrastructure at a predictable price. If your requirements change, simply scale down or up as necessary. Benefit from high flexibility, worldwide access, and effortless scalability. Use an on premise solution in your existing IT infrastructure, or place everything in ARTEC's secure data center. From a simple on-demand service to a complete package that includes Full Managed Services, we can help you find the solution that is right for your business. More...