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Thank you so much for your fantastic support regarding our EMA archive. We are extremely satisfied with this email archiving solution, and your support has significantly simplified our work.

Stefan Burri, Head of IT ICT at HUG AG

Service Subscription & Guarantee

The ARTEC Service Subscription Affords You Peace of Mind

With the ARTEC Service Subscription, you're fully equipped with security and convenience. Take pleasure in automatic software updates, access to our first-rate customer support, and the capability to utilise our digital signature and timestamping service for all your archived documents.

For EMA Cloud and EMA On-Premise Flex, the service subscription is already included in the monthly price. For EMA On-Premise Classic, you can opt for a service subscription for one, three, or five years. To keep current and avoid any disruptions in your signatures, we strongly advise renewing your subscription on a regular basis.

Extended Warranty for EMA On-Site Classic: Enhance Your Hardware Security

EMA On-Premise Classic is accompanied by a one-year hardware guarantee. Take the chance to extend this guarantee for up to four extra years at the time of your initial purchase. Alongside a valid service subscription, we provide an advance replacement, should you encounter a hardware problem, following an expedited review by our support team.

With our rental option, EMA On-Premise Flex, we bear full responsibility for any hardware issues. We'll swiftly and smoothly manage any failures or defects, ensuring you're back up and running promptly.

Utilising EMA Cloud, you capitalise on our robust cloud infrastructure, liberating you from any concerns over hardware malfunctions.

Replacement System and Hardware Upgrades for EMA On-Premises Flex and EMA On-Premises Classic

You can upgrade your hardware platform at any time during or following your service subscription and hardware warranty period. Your new EMA system will seamlessly take on all the data and settings from your previous setup. If you're considering changing your archive storage, we have an array of tech options to ensure a seamless transition. Additionally, after your hardware warranty has expired, our upgrade deals can also address any potential hardware problems.

Utilising EMA Cloud? Then, cast aside these concerns! You'll consistently have access to the cutting-edge technology in our cloud infrastructure, without the bother of grappling with hardware.

Hot Standby: Your Immediate Safety Buffer Against System Failures

Hot Standby is the preferred solution for organisations who rank continual availability and data security highly, providing an extra layer of safeguarding for your EMA On-Premise Flex and EMA On-Premise Classic solutions. This state-of-the-art feature guarantees utmost data availability and effectively defends against data loss, even when confronted with severe system failures.

By interconnecting numerous independent systems, Hot Standby ensures your databases and crucial information remain available, even in times of crisis. Should there be a failure, you can seamlessly and swiftly transition to a standby system that automatically adopts all current configurations and data. This assures that your operations carry on without interruption, substantially minimising downtime.

Our Hot Standby facility isn't just limited to EMA On-Premise Flex and EMA On-Premise Classic—it's also a prominent advantage of choosing EMA Cloud. With the Cloud arrangement, we host your data across numerous data centres, considerably bolstering your failover defence. This deliberate distribution of data across sites brings an additional level of redundancy, shielding your operations from interruptions due to local disruptions or calamities.

With EMA Cloud and Hot Standby, you'll also obtain comprehensive data protection without the necessity to spend additional on hardware or stress about where to store it. Whether you're interested in a mix of EMA Cloud and EMA On-Premise Flex, or EMA On-Premise Classic, we've got options to cater to your requirements. Our sales team is here to guide you through the advantages and opportunities of this approach, ensuring you pinpoint the ideal solution for your business.

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