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EMA: Your Digital Vault. Secure, Swift, Always at the Ready. EMA organises and stores all your documents in one place, combining utmost data security with efficient management.

Data Management

Data Security


Leading Organisations Trust EMA

Archiving and Data Management

All-in-One Solution

EMA is your perfect all-inclusive solution for data management and security, owing to its modular and flexible design.

Always Updated

With continual updates and enhancements, our products constantly remain at the forefront of progress.

Lifetime Licence

Opt for an on-premises model, and it's yours in perpetuity. No quibbles or qualms. There are no usage or access restrictions.

First-Class Security

Our sophisticated security strategies safeguard your data from cyber threats round the clock.

30 Years of Excellence

For three decades, products and solutions from ARTEC have been captivating customers from a wide range of industries.

100 % Made in Germany

Our products are crafted with German precision and engineering, and are free from third-party technologies. They're hosted and supported right here in the European Union.

Modular Archiving Solutions

EMA Mail

Streamline Your Email Archiving and Swiftly Access Crucial Information

Remain in the lead by seamlessly meeting regulatory obligations.

EMA File

Automate Your File Server Document Archiving and Indexing

Swiftly locate the files you require with our sophisticated full-text search feature.

EMA Print

Archive Documents with a Simple Print and Assure Their Searchability

Easily archive documents from traditional systems by printing to an archive printer.

EMA Scan

Easily Scan Paper Documents and Digitise Them Securely

Transform your old records and incoming post into digital, readily accessible documents.

EMA Voice

Compliant and Straightforward Archiving of Voice Recordings

Effortlessly incorporate your telephone discussions into your archive, guaranteeing privacy compliance and easy accessibility.

EMA for SAP Solutions

Lighten the Burden on SAP and Integrate Flawlessly with Your Archive

Facilitate your shift to S/4HANA by migrating legacy systems and simplifying procedures.

What's New at ARTEC?


Cloud vs. On-Premises Archiving: A Guide for Businesses

Choosing between cloud and on-premises archiving can be a puzzle. Which method aligns best with your business needs?


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With a modern and fresh design in mind, we’re excited to present you with an engaging and user-friendly experience. Our goal is to make sure you feel at ease while navigating our new website, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly find everything you’re looking for.


A New Standard in Cyber Resilience: The NIS 2 Directive

On 16 January 2023, the European Union introduced the NIS 2 Directive, supplanting the initial 2016 NIS Directive. This progression signifies a substantial enhancement in the EU's dedication to reinforcing cybersecurity.


The Revised Swiss Data Protection Act (revDPA)

Switzerland has overhauled its Data Protection Act to bolster the security of personal data and align itself with international standards, specifically the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Why Organisations Should Archive Documents and Email

In a world progressively packed with digital data, the notion of archiving is ceaselessly evolving. Contemporary archives provide intelligent, simple, and secure solutions for the efficient management of data.


Season's Greetings

This past year has been filled with enriching conversations and projects that have opened new perspectives for all of us. We're thankful for these experiences and look forward to what the next year has in store.

What Our Clients Are Saying About EMA

We recently integrated a direct EMA search link into one of our executive's email client. It was initially just for a specific inquiry, but the thrill of it was immense.

Oliver Hoffmeyer, IT Director at Bremen Airport

We are extremely pleased with EMA. The appliance was not only remarkably easy to set up, but it is also very comfortable to use in day-to-day operations.

Oliver Jehle, Head of IT and Operations at Monex AG

EMA stands out as a system that pleasantly surprises. In our experience, few solutions are as stable and reliable. It's also maintenance-free for administrators.

Norbert Fischer, Team Leader at Autohaus WIEST Group

As our data expanded, so did the legal requirements for compliant archiving. This covered everything from email to documents and files. [...] From our market research, ARTEC IT Solutions' EMA emerged as the definitive choice.

Reinhard Pachler, IT Director at Pro Juventute

What we particularly liked about EMA is that we no longer need to operate several separate archiving solutions for individual areas such as telephony, emails, or files. Instead, everything is covered with a single central solution.

Christian Glos, Head of IT Systems at Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw

Inquiries and issues related to the email archive have dropped by 90%, as users can now effortlessly search and access any email and its attachments in real time. The system has been widely accepted, and our staff find the search function easy to use."

Philip Wenkel, IT Administrator at Closed GmbH

EMA's Live Archive Organises Your Data

Are you grappling with substantial amounts of data and backups? Do you find yourself swamped by unorganised data? EMA is here to propel your digitisation initiatives, transforming your data into valuable resources. With EMA, your compliance with legal requirements is ensured, and finding what you need becomes a matter of seconds.

Success Stories from Our Clients

Well Protected

How SV SparkassenVersicherung is achieving legal compliance and secure email archiving with EMA.

A Cozy Home for Email, Files, and Documents

How Pro Juventute, Austria's beacon for child welfare, champions legal archiving with EMA.

Smooth Air Traffic and Email Management

How Bremen Airport implemented a legally secure email archiving solution, with a keen eye on employee rights.

Digital Transformation at the Car Dealership

How the WIEST Group leverages EMA to fully digitize service records.

Hassle-Free Email Archiving in the Cloud

How automobile club AvD enjoys secure data storage and fast performance with EMA.

The Perfect Fit

How Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG found the perfect mix of legal security and quick email search capabilities with EMA.

EMA Empowers You to Discover Instead of Search

Enhance your efficiency daily with a high-performance search feature, inclusive of Outlook, and elevate your productivity! Whether you're utilising Microsoft 365 or searching for a flawlessly integrated SAP ArchiveLink-compliant content server, EMA's modular system is tailored to meet your requirements. Choose from cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid solutions.

30 Years in Archiving and Data Management

As a specialist creator of thorough archiving and data management solutions, we've been leading the way since we set up in 1995. ARTEC IT Solutions devises products that oversee the complete lifecycle of all pertinent business data, whilst prioritising the safety of your data. Positioned in Karben, near Frankfurt am Main, we have a worldwide footprint with branches in the USA and South Korea.

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Michael Niehoff

Sasa Mitrovic

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