ARTEC IT Solutions

We are ARTEC IT Solutions - trustworthy, innovative, and forward-thinking. Since our establishment in 1995, we have been synonymous with exceptional solutions in archiving, data management, and data security.

Company Profile

With close to thirty years' expertise, ARTEC IT Solutions has matured into an eminent authority in the collation, insightful utilisation, and legal storage of corporate data. Our principal offering, EMA, has garnered an international reputation for its exemplary performance, matchless security, and fuss-free configuration.

Over the years, we've established an impressive list of esteemed clients and take pride in our constant evolution and staying ahead of the game. Our dedication to innovation propels us to create solutions that not only meet today's requirements but are also equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrow.

Meet the ARTEC Management Team

Jerry J. Artishdad

Managing Director

Jerry's initial fascination with electronics culminated in him obtaining a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southampton. In 1995, he established what has evolved into ARTEC IT Solutions, expanding it into a worldwide technological frontrunner with branches throughout Europe, Asia, and America. Proficient in German, English, and Persian, Jerry transitioned away from routine operations in mid-2023 but still lends his forward-thinking and substantial knowledge as a consultant to the organisation.

Nils Artishdad

Managing Director

Nils is renowned for his vast technical knowledge and managerial skills. In conjunction with Julia, he has steered the company with a focused, forward-thinking vision since assuming daily operations. His leadership approach is characterised by honesty, efficiency, and authenticity, enhanced by a comprehensive comprehension of the global marketplace. Fluent in German, English, and Japanese, he is an essential component in ARTEC's international function. As an inspiring mentor, Nils actively propels innovation and growth at ARTEC.

Julia Gonzalez

Managing Director

Julia brings a plethora of experience in accounting, financial oversight, and human resources to the team. After a fruitful tenure at PwC, she joined ARTEC, using her fluency in German, English, and Spanish to adeptly manoeuvre international business channels. Along with Nils, she jointly heads the company, fostering a robust team ethos. Julia is acclaimed for her ability to optimise work processes and is seen as an approachable and motivating leader, continuously seeking novel approaches to progress the company.

Leading Organisations Trust ARTEC

Green Responsibility: Sustainability at the Core of All We Undertake

At ARTEC IT Solutions, we recognise that our duties go far beyond mere data processing. Our zeal for technology is equally matched by a profound dedication to sustainability. We champion environmental preservation, fully convinced that despite our sector being seen as one of the most immaculate, there's always scope for betterment.

  • With EMA, we're actively decreasing paper usage within organisations. This not only promotes digitisation but also results in more streamlined, eco-friendly operations.
  • Every product we develop is designed considering energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. This applies to both our software and physical products, for which we prioritise high recycling rates and durable materials.
  • Our commitment to environmental protection is clear in our workplace design too. Our office buildings comply with present energy standards and integrate advanced systems for energy conservation in environmentally-friendly manners.

Moreover, we're actively participating in environmentally focused initiatives and collaborations with the goal of lessening our industry's ecological footprint. We're dedicated to advancing environmental conservation through relentless innovation and thoughtful decisions.

100% Developed in Germany with EU Data Hosting and Support

Data security is of utmost importance for businesses and organisations. By choosing ARTEC's EMA Cloud Services, you're opting for solutions crafted with German engineering precision. Although the development and innovation occur in Germany, we guarantee that all your data is securely hosted within the United Kingdom. This approach offers you the best of both worlds: German quality and innovation, coupled with the assurance that your data remains on British soil, under the strict data protection standards you anticipate.

Our Locations

ARTEC IT Solutions operates internationally to guarantee our clients around the world receive first-class service. Our main office is situated in Karben, near Frankfurt in Germany, with supplementary offices in Atlanta, USA, and Seoul, South Korea.


ARTEC IT Solutions USA
1600 Parkwood Circle SE
Atlanta, GA 30339
+1 (855) 462-7832


ARTEC IT Solutions GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Str. 38
61184 Karben
+49 6039 9154-0


ARTEC IT Solutions Asia Pacific
#1003 U-Top Tech Valley, 7,
Beobwon-ro 6-gil, Songpa-gu
Seoul 05855

The ARTEC Specialist Network

Having been established close to three decades ago, ARTEC has cultivated tight-knit collaborations with partners from both industry and academia. Sharing knowledge and networking in the fields of legal and security dimensions of contemporary information technologies puts us in a favourable position to provide our channel partners and clients with superior support.

BVMW - The German Organisation for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

The BVMW serves as the representative for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout the UK, priding itself on having over 300 offices nationally. Apart from these local hubs, BVMW has connections with upwards of 1,000 tax consultants, solicitors, and business advisers, hosting an array of events and seminars to simplify informed business choices for its members. Alongside its associate organisations, BVMW at present symbolises more than 270,000 companies, engaging roughly 9 million individuals.

HESSENMETALL Rhein-Main-Taunus

Located in Frankfurt, the Rhein-Main-Taunus district branch of HESSENMETALL employers' association advocates for the interests of more than 180 member businesses within the Hessian metal and electrical industry. The association renders guidance on conventional employment and social law areas, acts as a collaborative negotiating companion, is proactive in education and social policy and devotes itself to professional training and education, especially in securing up-and-coming talents.

German-Language SAP User Group (DSAG)

The German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) is among the world's most influential user groups, boasting devoted members from more than 3,800 businesses, forming a robust network. This stretches from SMEs to FTSE-listed corporations, from specialised departments to CxO levels, across all sectors in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.Discover more about what EMA and SAP provide together here

HE-S Digital Management

HE-S Digital Management leads businesses in the digital transformation of their procedures. As a specialist in integrations and process management, HE-S provides thorough consultancy, with specific expertise and vast experience in the SAP landscape. ARTEC and HE-S merge their abilities in document management for SAP systems to offer an even wider and more efficient suite of services to their clients.