Master thesis - EU Whistleblower Directive (m/f/d)

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Background and task

The whistleblower protection directive 2019/1937 of the European Union adopted in 2019 will be enacted as national law of the member states by December 17, 2021. It obliges enterprises and public institutions to set up channels through which whistleblowers can report certain facts. These channels and the procedures that are implemented with them must have clearly described security features that serve to protect whistleblowers. The core of the master's thesis is the implementation of the requirements of the whistleblower directive on the basis of the secure information archive EMA®. This includes

  • Analysis of the technical / organizational / legal requirements and the related state of the art
  • Design of an architecture and security concept to implement the requirements, taking into account the security properties and functions of the EMA® platform
  • Implementation of the concept as a web portal using the EMA® API
  • Description and exemplary implementation of backend processes for processing entries to the whistleblower portal
  • Implementation of an example case


You should take reflected positions on the social effects of information technology. Interest in and basic knowledge in the areas of data protection and IT security (e.g. network security) are helpful. Programming knowledge with regard to web-based applications is necessary, project experience is advantageous.


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