Live migration of SAP documents with EMA®

In many SAP infrastructures, an ArchiveLink-compliant content server is used, for example, to offload and store documents and other files.

However, such a system often reaches its performance limits over time. In addition, there is another challenge: Often, the legacy systems used for archiving data no longer meet the current requirements for audit- and legally compliant storage.

Fast migration during operation

With EMA® Live Migration, we offer you the option of transferring existing archives with SAP documents to EMA® quickly, easily and with predictable costs during ongoing operations.

EMA® initially acts between the legacy system and SAP. New SAP documents are stored directly in EMA®. At the same time, continuous migration of the inventory data takes place automatically in the background without interrupting productive operation. Best of all, users can continue to work as normal. After successful completion of the background migration, the legacy system can be shut down without any problems.

Your advantages

Automatic migration of inventory data in the background

No failure, no data loss

Simple and secure replacement of legacy systems