Sustainable relief of SAP S/4HANA with EMA®

Migration to S/4HANA is high on the agenda of many organizations using SAP, or planning is already underway.

However, the move of often large volumes of unstructured inventory data comes with a clear disadvantage: storage costs under S/4HANA are high. And data such as scanned documents can not only cause large storage requirements, but also lead to a massive drop in performance.

EMA® is certified for ArchiveLink

By using EMA® as a modern content server for SAP, you not only achieve legally compliant and audit-proof storage of your SAP documents. Your entire SAP infrastructure is also massively relieved, as important documents are stored securely in EMA®. This not only enables efficient work in the long term, but also ensures relaxation for administrators and users.

Of course, EMA® is officially certified for the SAP ArchiveLink standard and can therefore be easily and securely integrated - on-premises as well as in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

Your advantages

Relieving the SAP database

Optimal preparation for the migration to S/4HANA

No additional drivers or proprietary ABAP modules required