Holistic Data Management, Data Security, and Archiving

Central acquision, efficient use, secure storage and legally compliant archiving of all relevant company data.

Reliable Storage: Simple, Modular, Scalable and Affordable

High-quality storage solutions, reliable and affordable. Can be used for all applications - perfectly matched to EMA®.

Highly Secure Connections to the Cloud

With ARTEC Trusted Computing, you protect your data not only in the data center, but also on the way to and from the cloud.

Clever Data Management in the SAP Environment

Certified for SAP NetWeaver! Capturing, intelligent management, easy migration, and legally compliant archiving of SAP data

Strong Team for Data Security in Microsoft 365

Retain data sovereignty in Microsoft 365. Maximize data security with an immediate, separate copy of all cloud data.

Fast Research and Preservation of Evidence for Investigations

With the eDiscovery and Case Management modules, you can face discovery claims with confidence.

Integration Into Existing Business Applications

Meaningful linkage of scattered, business-relevant data is essential for sound decision making.

The Secure Cloud Solution! Also in hybrid environments

You only pay for what you use. In full or hybrid cloud environment or even on premise as a managed service.

No Chance for Cyber Attacks and Ransomware

Save the ransom with EMA®!
Tailor-made package to protect all your most important company data.