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eDiscovery Solutions

Search and Find Efficiently using ARTEC's eDiscovery Solutions

Efficient handling of electronic data and the information contained therein is crucial to complete legal disputes, regulatory inquiries, and audits successfully. Due to changing legal requirements and an increasingly growing volume of data, the process of collecting evidence has become more difficult and costly than ever before. Processing data appropriately from its initial discovery to the point where it is collected is important, because it helps lower the costs involved with evidence preservation, and increases the efficiency of the overall process. However, collecting, processing, and analyzing large amounts of electronic data inevitably leads to a complex and wide-ranging eDiscovery process, which typically includes a complex combination of a variety of fragmented technologies and service providers. The ultimate result is increased risk and cost. ARTEC's eDiscovery Services provide a solution to these problems, They can help you search through electronic data and find the information you need.

Complete Control with ARTEC's eDiscovery Services

We provide a new and user-friendly solution for IT forensics. Law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies for e-discovery, data management, analysis, and information governance need IT forensics to secure, prepare, and to make available electronic evidence. Our comprehensive service supports you and your research team from the initial discovery of potentially relevant data (even if distributed across different sources) to the collection and creation of the final set of evidence. We protect your business interests, and ensure that you comply with the applicable legal requirements for gathering electronic evidence.

We offer some of the most comprehensive, integrated, and scalable solutions for different phases of the eDiscovery process. Our solutions meet the needs of businesses, government agencies, and law firms. ARTEC's technologies, our strategic consulting services and expertise for technical applications, and our standardized processes let you lower your workload and put you in control of the costs.

Our eDiscovery Services provide a complete package that offers everything you need to perform detailed data processing, early case analysis, computer-aided research, data visualizations, and more. Choose ARTEC and benefit from our technical expertise, our professional case management system, and our capable eDiscovery solutions during every phase of the process. Lower your costs and your risks by making use of our simple end-to-end process. ARTEC's eDiscovery Services put you in control of your data, your budget, and your overall strategy.

Why Use ARTEC's eDiscovery Services?

Our solution supports for a large amount of data sources. All common office file formats and other types of business documents (e-mail, file, paper, etc.) are fully supported.

No need to perform de-nesting or pre-selection: ARTEC's technologies help you process large amounts of data in a short amount of time. Our unrivaled full-text search engine returns results in seconds. You no longer need to carefully select the documents that you want to work with.

Process all data independent of its source, format, or location.

Substantially lower your overall costs.

Spend less time filtering out unwanted information.

Make relevant documents available quickly.

Use fewer resources to provision information.

Benefit from a search engine that delivers highly accurate results.

Get started right away thanks to our easy to use and intuitive search technology.