Intelligent Object Storage with Added Value

Efficient and Legally Compliant Use of Object Storage with Comprehensive Search Functions and Sophisticated Security Concepts

In view of high data growth rates, object storage approaches are becoming increasingly important in many companies and organizations. The storage of data as objects, including the associated metadata, not only scales well but also has a major advantage: The primary application itself can be relieved considerably. Outsourcing data via object storage not only improves performance. At the same time, it can also help to significantly reduce the costs of IT infrastructure (such as storage media and databases) in the long term.

Observe Compliance Requirements

However, simply building an object storage environment is not enough. Companies that want to act in compliance must also meet certain requirements for the organization of the stored data. For example, the information must be searchable quickly and easily and reliably protected against manipulations and changes. Legal aspects such as GoBD and GDPR also result in clear guidelines that must be implemented.

Intelligent Object Storage Connection via REST API

This is where the SDK from ARTEC IT Solutions comes into play. Using the clever connection via REST API, all important functions of our solutions can be used in object storage infrastructures. These include unique features such as our powerful full-text search engine, the assignment of advanced digital signatures and time stamps, the four-eye principle and much more - possibilities that go far beyond the typical performance spectrum of common technologies.

ARTEC's solutions not only make objects complete, fast and easy to search, but also enable the integration of unstructured data into the respective business or primary applications via the SMART Integration Tools. This means that information from a wide variety of sources can be displayed in business and industry solutions. This combination of structured and unstructured data creates the decisive basis for completely new synergy effects in various areas.

Document Storage for Any Application

Developers can also use our REST API to create their own applications that require document storage. This is often a sub-area that has little to do with the actual core application. With ARTEC, this requirement can be outsourced easily, quickly and efficiently with no time-consuming programming work.

Object Storage with ARTEC at a Glance

Connect to object storage system via REST API

Use powerful ARTEC search function for unstructured data

High security due to digital signatures, time stamp and four-eye principle

Implement regulations for the automatic transfer of data into the object storage according to definable specifications (e.g. age of the document/file)

Combine unstructured and structured data

Significant relief for client and server applications

Avoid isolated applications

Reduce in-house development using object storage that is easy for developers to work with