Integrate Unstructed Data Directly Into Mission-Critical Applications

Our new SMART Link module makes it possible to include and unify existing isolated data silos within organiztions. Data from different systems and applications, such as from SAP or CRM, can be linked together across sources without having to create a separate connection for each individual use case.

SMART Link is an expansion of the EMA® product line. SMART Link enables seamless integration into various primary applications, including ERP, ECM, CRM, and DMS solutions, as well as a wide range of industry-specific applications, such as those in the fields of health care, software used by government agencies, and solutions in the financial and insurance sectors and in the manufacturing industry.

Even proprietary in-house solutions are supported with minimal customization. Complex scenarios, such as integrating scanned documents or e-mail messages into internal solutions, only take a few simple steps, and do not require custom solutions development.

Search Independent of Source and Format

SMART Link can search unstructured data outside such systems quickly, directly, and easily using the powerful full-text search engine provided by EMA®. It can provide results to connected primary applications completely independent of the original data source, format, size, or location. SMART Link can be integrated using an iFrame, a browser in kiosk mode, or even by starting a browser through a link. Databases used by primary applications do not need to be connected to SMART Link in order for this to work. Unstructured data associated with a process can then be accessed using a convenient search mask directly inside the respective application and is displayed in a freely definable window within the application. Search terms are automatically copied from the primary application, initiating the first search query, which can then be refined further.

Only a few lines of code are sufficient for setting up SMART Link. This lets you do things like transfer the customer's e-mail address to EMA® as a search term and display the entire customer communication directly in an iFrame inside the Dynamics CRM form.

Direct display of a selected e-mail message in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Easy Integration Without Custom Programming

SMART Link creates bridges between various applications within companies and organizations without forcing administrators to create complex links and interfaces individually. SMART Link is fully standard-compliant, can be implemented without following a complicated integration process, and does not need constant maintenance of add-ins, plug-ins, or clients. It is also completely independent of the version number of the associated applications. Additional training for users is also unnecessary thanks to the easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. In typical primary applications from different manufacturers, SMART Link can be used to integrate data such as e-mail messages, scanned documents, file server data, printouts from industry solutions, or even voice conversations easily and much more efficiently.

SMART Link adds content from EMA® into an SAP application.

The Advantages of SMART Link at a Glance

Simple integration of EMA® into primary applications (ECM, ERP, CRM, and DMS systems)

Integrates into niche applications, such as those used in the health-care sector, government agencies, or in the financial, insurance, and manufacturing industries

Works in any application with iFrame support, using a web link instead of agents or clients

Time-consuming and costly programming or customization of primary applications is not required, because no database links need to be established

No subsequent costs due to updates or version changes of primary applications

No certifications required

No complex training necessary thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface

Powerful ARTEC search technology for unstructured data integrated in the primary application; independent of source, format, size, and location

No need to enter the search terms manually; search terms are provided by the application and a search is started automatically

Search results are delivered directly into the view area of the application

Ensures full flexibility for the display of search criteria in the primary application and quick implementation within minutes

Federated search across multiple locations

Works with hundreds of primary applications