ARTEC SMART Integration Tools

Integrate Unstructed Data Directly Into Mission-Critical Applications

The growth of unstructured data continues to accelerate in most companies. Thus, holistic information management is about making intelligent and efficient use of this data. This is made difficult by the fact that modern IT infrastructures consist of a multitude of applications and tools, which mostly process, at that, very different data formats and structures.

Connecting Insular Solutions – Transcending Silo Structures

Enterprises with a confusing tangle of IT systems, strategies, and processes, provisioning of data and interaction with customers becomes a mine field, since they cannot draw use out of a sea of data which is incongruent and not easily accessible at a single site. Such a patchwork of many insular solutions, which does not provide the right conditions to make well-founded decisions, let alone to create new business models, should be left behind.

ARTEC SMART Integration Tools allow establishing flexible systems do not unnecessarily impede the exchange of data and information, but instead enable collaboration across an organization and data exchange within an eco-system in real time, and combine existing and future IT to systems for tomorrow.

Such interplay of data and applications can only work through APIs which allow the integration of data and, by that, interaction between them. Competencies in APIs is therefore imperative for us as a manufacturer, which we account for with SMART Link and our API/SDK.