EMA® DeDup Server

Avoid duplicates and increase performance

EMA® is highly suitable for e-mail archiving in large and very large enterprise-level infrastructures. If several EMA® appliances are used with Exchange Server, the limitations of Microsoft Exchange Journaling present a challenge: the use of single instancing is not effective and a relatively high proportion of duplicates may occur for technical reasons.

Especially e-mails to larger distribution groups are often archived multiple times, which wastes computing resources and storage space, and can also have a negative impact on performance. The reason for this is the way Exchange Server handles journaling mailboxes: a separate copy of an e-mail is created for each journal mailbox configured for a database group.

EMA® DeDup Server

The smart solution for this problem is called EMA® DeDup Server. Duplicates are filtered out using a central server before the actual archiving process takes place.

Dedicated Appliance

The EMA® DeDup Server is based on a dedicated appliance with an in-memory database and, like EMA® and other solutions built by ARTEC, is based on the proven AOS operating system. Simply integrate it into your network so that it can serve as a central contact and information point for existing EMA® appliances.

The server will coordinate the individual EMA® appliances so that they can know which e-mails have already been archived, which have not been archived yet, and which are currently in the process of being archived. The duplicate detection process is performed directly at the point where envelope journaling reports are being parsed. Unnecessary waiting times are avoided and the overall performance of the individual EMA® appliances used increases significantly without additional expansions.

The Advantages at a Glance

Significant increase in system performance

Avoid duplicate messages

Reduced storage and computing power requirements

Designed to work in conjunction with EMA®

Quick and easy to integrate into the network

True enterprise solution, suitable for all large environments