EMA® App

Mobile access to your data from anywhere, at any time - with the ARTEC EMA® App

Time determines business life to an unprecedented degree. Collaboration can no longer be done without mobility. This is why mobile devices have transformed from simple gadgets to indispensable helpers that enable employees to communicate without barriers. Users rely on mobile access so that they can access their usual applications from anywhere and from any end device. After all, business processes that can be handled on the go will be handled on the go. Enteprise solutions have to be as mobile as users and their devices.

ARTEC Mobile App Supports the Mobile World

ARTEC offers the convenient EMA® app for Android and iOS. The EMA® app lets you access all your EMA® data, such as e-mail messagess, files, printouts, scans, and telephone conversations, from anywhere in the world. Using the powerful and fast ARTEC full-text search engine, you have all of your corporate data available at your fingertips when you need it and where you need it. The built-in viewer allows you to view the data directly in the app. You can find the information you need in no time at all and process it appropriately on your mobile device. The ARTEC EMA® App adapts automatically and does not need special configuration.

Simply Secure!

As with all of our products, we placed great importance on the security and privacy of our app. Our app only needs permission to access the Internet. We do not need access to your phone book or your contacts, and our app is completely free of analytics or user tracking.

The connection security of the EMA® app is equivalent to that of a VPN tunnel. Our app uses certificate pinning, which means that a direct connection is only established between the app and an EMA® appliance.

Mobile Device Management

Our new Mobile Device Management feature, available from AOS 5.4, offers users secure management of mobile devices using the EMA® app. If a mobile device is stolen or lost, the use of the app can be blocked from within EMA®. It is also possible to restrict access to a whitelist of trusted mobile devices.

Simplified Implementation of Business Processes

Various business processes can be implemented very quickly and easily using the ARTEC EMA® app. This saves you the need to invest a lot of money and resources in the development of your own custom apps. Here are a few example of what our app can do for your business:

  • Make documents from a fileshare easily searchable and accessible to mobile devices
  • Make scanned documents available immediately to users on the move
  • Use attributes-driven processes and workflows, or saved searches, to present the latest e-mail notifications as a dedicated to-do list for field service agents
  • Provide data to EMA® via API/SDK and use the EMA® app as a frontend without having to develop your own mobile solutions