EMA® Voice

Seamlessly Archive Audio Data

Archiving phone calls and other audio information used to be very complicated or legally problematic; usually, it was both.

Voice to Archive® puts an end to this dilemma. It allows legally compliant archiving of voice data. It wholly integrates into your organization's archive, so you can play back archived voice data at any time. This allows you to document conversations, such as contractual agreements, or arrangements with customers or business partners in a proper and provable manner.

The appliance can automatically request the legally required permission of the other party if desired. Calls that are already in progress can also be recorded at any time by adding the appliance to a three-way or conference call.

Key Benefits

Archives voice information (phone calls, audio data, VoIP) in a legally compliant manner

Completely considers the strict privacy regulations set for recording phone calls

Easily integrates into every infrastructure (e.g. to an existing PBX) using the internal communication interface

Uses EMA®'s proven security technologies to protect audio data inside the archive

A special call center mode can automatically record all incoming calls (after permission was granted by the calling party) and forward them to a customer representative

A gateway mode allows calling EMA® using an internal number and then dialing the actual phone number to call

Recoding of calls that are already in progress by adding EMA® to the conversation

Quickly search for and find archived calls using EMA®'s powerful search functionality