EMA® Print

Archive Directly From Your Printer

The EMA® Print module is an ideal solution to archive digitally created documents directly during the printing process and without any additional effort.

Your employees simply send print jobs to a specialized "archive printer" that forwards them to a physical printer. While doing so, it takes copies of documents, which receives a digital signature and are encrypted. That's how easy Print to Archive® makes the archiving process.

You will save time, money, and do not have to perform the cumbersome task of manually scanning documents to get them into the archive.

EMA® Print facilitates archiving documents, without adding any additional steps in the process. From a legal perspective, Print to Archive® can help you provide distinct proof that printed data is authentic and originated from your organization.

Key Benefits

Automatically archives documents are they are printed

Any printer in your organization's network can be defined as an archive printer

No changes to existing systems are necessary

Provides verification that documents were not modified through the use of electronic date/time stamps, signatures, and encryption

Easy to use full-text search for all archived documents and a painless restore process