The Legally Compliant Way to Archive E-Mails

The requirements that set by lawmakers regarding archiving business-related e-mail messages are very high, and the list of relevant regulations is therefore rather long:
Sarbanes Oxley, EuroSOX, GoBD, HGB, Fiscal Law, and so on.

Conventional backup solutions are no longer enough to comply with these strict regulations.

The EMA® Mail module not only puts you on the safe side in terms of legal compliance, but also makes it much easier to organize and manage e-mail messages in your organization.

No matter which mail server you use in your organization, Mail to Archive® will be compatible with it and can be up and running within a short time period.

Key Benefits

Works independent of the mail server used in your organization

Automatically archives all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages, as well as internal e-mail communication in unchanged original format (SMTP, RFC 2822)

Digitally signs and securely encrypts e-mail messages

Indexes and adds messages to the full-text search (incl. attachments)

Simple restore process for archived e-mail messages that requires a single mouse click