EMA® Mail

Clever E-Mail Management for All Mail Servers

In today's corporate communications, a lot of information is contained in e-mails, which strongly influence almost all processes. Almost nothing works without e-mail. It is often a matter of finding this information quickly and easily. But that's exactly what often fails - instead, employees spend valuable working time on performing tedious searches. Finding important e-mails quickly can save time and money. In addition, it enables well-founded decisions to be made quickly. For this reason alone, the introduction of EMA® Mail already represents a competitive advantage for every company.

But there are many more good reasons: legal requirements for archiving business e-mail traffic are high. Every click on Send can be considered to be official commercial correspondence! And the list of relevant national and international regulations is long:

GDPR, German Commercial Code, GoBD, AO, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. Simple backup solutions are no longer sufficient to meet these strict regulations.

There is also the issue of migration, for example when moving to a new technical infrastructure or changing the mail server. EMA® Mail offers simple, cleverly thought-out processes. It gives you flexibility and is a sound capital investment.

EMA® Mail lets you solve several challenges around e-mail management. It enables you to manage all your e-mails efficiently, you are legally compliant and, in addition, you remain independent at all times when technologies and change. EMA® supports the entire lifecycle of your e-mail messages and provides important information within seconds via the high-performance full text search engine.

The Advantages of EMA® Mail at a Glance

Automatic legally compliant archiving of all incoming and outgoing as well as internal e-mails

Storage in unaltered original format

Digital signature, date and time stamps

Secure encrypted storage of e-mails

Enterprise search: quickly search for and find all content even in e-mail attachments

Simple recovery with one mouse click, even as a self-service mechanism for users

Works independent of the mail server used in your organization

Supports the simultaneous connection of different mail servers

Compatible with any infrastructure, ready for use within a very short time

Supports import of existing data

Lets you migrate between different mail server technologies using one system

Provides evidence for use in legal disputes