EMA® for SAP Solutions -
Clever Data Management in the SAP Environment with EMA®

Challenge: Data Management in the SAP Environment

A large part of the global economy is handled with solutions from SAP. Based on the applications used, e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), logistics, human resources or finance, large quantities of legally relevant documents and data are generated worldwide across industries. All this information not only has to be stored securely in accordance with legal requirements, but also generates a large load on the existing SAP systems. In addition, data acquisition and workflow processing are usually a great challenge in themselves.

To solve these tasks, a DMS solution with connected archiving is traditionally used. However, only a very small part of these broad systems is actually used for archiving in SAP. As a result, the cost and maintenance effort is generally disproportionate to the actual benefit. In addition, generic DMS systems often compete with SAP for the position as primary system.

Clever Solution: EMA® in Conjunction with SAP

The solution for intelligent, legally compliant and affordable data management with little administration effort is EMA®. EMA® is an integrated system that has already implemented all of the requirements for modern SAP information management and archiving. EMA® offers everything in one solution, as it provides an integrated SAP Content Server and supports the SAP-certified ArchiveLink interface for legally compliant data storage.

EMA® in the SAP environment helps you achieve the following:

  • Information Lifecycle and Data Management
    EMA® is a data management system for SAP solutions that can store and process SAP documents, SAP print lists and database reorganization files. It also provides direct live access via full-text search.
  • Metadata synchronization
    Supplement already archived SAP documents with metadata that is queried from SAP via an RFC connection. Metadata includes file names, authors, descriptions, SAP objects, object IDs and document numbers. You can also add any other metadata from SAP business objects.
  • Live migration of existing content repositories
    Migration of existing documents, print lists and database reorganization files stored via SAP ArchiveLink from any SAP ArchiveLink-compliant legacy system to the EMA® SAP Content Server.
  • Data acquisition and document capturing
    Capturing and processing of documents for various SAP scenarios, late and early storing with bar codes, up to fully automatic assignment to SAP business objects or access to workflows.
  • Permanent relief of the SAP system and migration to S/4 HANA

Additional Advantages With EMA®

Low Maintenance and Little Administrative Overhead
Conventional archives based on SAP ArchiveLink are usually installed on conventional server operating systems and therefore generate continuous effort for system or database maintenance. Daily backups require timely coordination with SAP Backup to keep all data in sync with the respective databases and storage pools.

EMA®, on the other hand, as a fully integrated system, offers an elegant solution that reduces administrative overhead and combines all facets of data management and archiving in SAP environments within one solution. EMA® is directly integrated into your SAP base system using standard settings, and ensures a smooth process without the use of additional middleware.

Security and Storage Management
All data is digitally signed in EMA®, stored in a tamper-resistant manner, and remains unreachable for cyber-attackers at all times. In particular, compliance with legal requirements such as the GoBD or EU GDPR can be implemented with EMA® easily.

With the integrated storage manager, data can also be distributed to several storage systems and locations. The VSTOR® storage series, which is perfectly matched to EMA®, is particularly recommended for this purpose. All other standard storage and WORM systems available on the market are also supported. With ARTEC's own WORM technologies, any conventional storage can also be easily converted into a WORM medium. The sophisticated security concept used by EMA® protects data reliably against unauthorized access - whether in-house or in the cloud.

From Big Data to Smart Data
In addition to the management of SAP documents, EMA® also offers the possibility of including other data sources and storing them in SAP processes in a structured manner. This includes unstructured data such as e-mails, files, scanned paper documents, printed documents, and even voice recordings. With EMA®, all of this can be placed in a central system, stored securely, archived in compliance with legal requirements, and used efficiently. This creates a central information pool based on a single solution. In this way, "Big Data" can finally become "Smart Data."

Preservation of Evidence and Supply of Evidence
In the course of legal disputes or for data protection reasons, the preservation of evidence is becoming increasingly important. Up to now, data and information had to be collected laboriously from various sources and solutions - which often represented an almost unsolvable task or was associated with extreme effort. With EMA® as a central data management system, searches across various data sources - also in aggregation with SAP data - can be carried out quickly and efficiently. All data is directly accessible via the federated search engine in EMA® across several locations.

EMA® for SAP Solutions at a Glance:

Comprehensive information management in SAP environments

Certified integration with SAP NetWeaver

Easy setup and integration

Secure and legally compliant archiving

Low maintenance costs

Online migration of existing old archives during operation

Adding metadata

Support for barcode scenarios for SAP data entry

Effective solution, also for eDiscovery

In-house and in the cloud