EMA® Cyber Defense

The protection and availability of important, compliant, and sensitive data is essential to securing operational continuity and is fundamental for sound business or government processes. The EMA® Cyber Defense system includes all that is required to maintain continuous data availability with maximum data security, for true peace of mind.

Instant Security

EMA® Cyber Defense is up and running with zero-downtime and goes to work instantly to protect your data. But the true power of the EMA® Cyber Defense solution is fully realized when an attack happens. In such an event, all indexed data on EMA® is immediately available to be restored or accessed directly. This makes your company immune to the crippling effects of cyber-attacks, ransomware trojans, and the ensuing criminal extortion that comes from having your all-important data held captive and encrypted by cyber-criminals.

Unreachable for Cyber Attacks

The EMA® isolates, secures, encrypts and block-chain certifies immutable copies of all the unstructured data stored within it. In effect, it lets you create an impenetrable, and inaccessible "data vault" that is invisible to ransomware attackers. Thanks to EMA®, in the event of an attack, your already indexed data can now be searched, accessed, shared or restored in a matter of seconds, at the click of a mouse.

Optimal Addition to Your IT Security Infrastructure

The added security of EMA® reduces the consequences of a successful cyber-attack to a bare minimum, thereby complementing your existing frontline defensive security solutions. While conventional systems are designed to protect reactively against already known patterns of malware, EMA® Cyber-Defense provides real reliability and continuity when those frontline systems fail to do their job. Thus, your data is secured against new or modified cyber-attacks in the best possible way.

Special EMA® Cyber Defense Offer

To help protect your sensitive data against these cyber-attacks, we have created a special solution offering tailored around Cyber Defense. Depending on your data management requirements, the EMA® Cyber Defense solution can either be hosted directly at your site or in the ARTEC Trusted Cloud.

This is a limited time offer. Please contact us today to get a quote for your tailor-made EMA® Cyber Defense package.