One Appliance – Many Possibilities

EMA® is the universal appliance that legally archives your organization's information.

Regardless of whether you want to archive e-mail messages, printed documents, files, or voice data (VoIP) – EMA® can meet your organization's individual requirements with its numerous modules and flexible interfaces. EMA®'s centralization of archiving processes for various content types allows you to consolidate all business-related information in one central archive for your organization.

The system was designed to fully follow and correctly implement all current legal regulations regarding the archiving of business-relevant information.

EMA®'s well-matched hardware and software components provide a secure archiving system that can be up and running in your organization's network within a very short time and with little administrative effort.

The powerful full-text search and attribute system allow you to control how information is organized, keep the archive easy to maintain, and allow users to find the information they require with little effort.

Key Benefits

Legally compliant archiving of e-mail messages, documents, files, and voice data that takes current guidelines, regulations, and laws into account

Prevents manipulation after archiving through the use of electronic signatures and data encryption

Contains innovative features to allow internal compliance regulations to be implemented

Extremely fast to integrate into your network due to Plug & Play setup

Flexible and usable regardless of an organization's existing IT infrastructure

Works in conjunction with every SAN or NAS storage system when performing backups

Scalable from small businesses to large organizations due to different hardware platforms

Reduces the amount of storage required through the use of single instancing: every document is only archived once

Restoring archived information is easy and painless

Allows you to create a central archive for all business-relevant information instead of isolated silos for different types of content

In many cases considerably less expensive than comparable software-based solutions

Additional functionality can be added without interruption even after the appliance was deployed