A Safe Haven for Company Data

Data has become one of the most valuable resources. However, it is not only important to protect your data, but also to have it available at the right moment. Only in this way can companies successfully position themselves and remain competitive in the long term.

As a complete solution for integrated data management and data security, EMA® is designed exactly for these requirements. EMA® takes care of all company data: From centralized collection and efficient use to secure storage and legally compliant archiving.

EMA® is modular and flexible. It can be adapted to the structures of any company, creating a tailor-made platform for data management. The focus is on the central management of all data: From stored files, e-mails, daily inboxes and outboxes, to telephone records and instant messaging - all data is stored securely and is available with the push of a button. This is completely independent of where this data originates from or in which formats it is available.

At the same time, maximum security is always the top priority. EMA® generates a completely separate, secure and encrypted copy of all relevant company data. Thanks to sophisticated security concepts (encryption, digital signatures and Trusted Computing technology), data remains reliably protected against cyber attacks at all times. In effect, you can create an impenetrable "data vault" that is invisible to ransomware attackers. Even in the event of an attack, damaged files are quickly available again, allowing your users to continue working virtually uninterrupted.

It goes without saying that EMA® also takes all valid legal requirements for the storage of business-relevant information fully into account. The powerful full-text search (Enterprise Search) enables authorized users to access required data at any time and to find it with a mouse click. This not only offers a considerable competitive advantage, but also increases productivity through enormous time and cost savings.

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The Advantages of EMA® at a Glance

Central collection of all company data

Efficient data management

Fast finding with enterprise search

Protection against cyber threats thanks to a comprehensive security concept

Universal for every industry and company size

Modular system, easily adaptable to individual requirements

Simple connection to the existing IT infrastructure

Seamless integration into existing business applications or portal solutions

Certified integration with SAP NetWeaver

Legally compliant archiving in accordance with all national and international laws and regulations