Support for Microsoft 365 - your key in email archiving

Many organizations are using Microsoft 365 and are looking for an additional way to store their email securely. Our solution EMA® works optimally with Microsoft 365 and even offers you a few more advantages. Because a big bonus: Your emails are archived in a legally compliant manner and in their original format. This enables you not only to meet legal requirements, but also to implement internal compliance guidelines (such as deletion concepts). A second copy also brings many advantages in case of a possible data loss, because the data can be restored immediately.

No Limits: Full Flexibility for Your Archiving

By the way, we designed EMA® to be as flexible as possible, so storage options and mailbox sizes are unlimited. This flexibility runs through the entire solution. It is important to us that the solution adapts to the company - and not the other way around. Therefore, EMA® is also mail server independent, so your data can easily move with a system change. We even go one step further and give you a perpesoftware license. This keeps you independent and your valuable data always under your control.

Want to learn more about how EMA® can be used with Microsoft 365? Just write us in our contact form a short message.

The Advantages at a Glance

Emails are stored in a legally compliant manner and thus fulfill legal requirements such as GDPR

Fast recovery in case of data loss, thanks to a second copy

Highly secure solution thanks to sophisticated security concept including trusted computing, digital signatures and time and date stamps

You retain control over your data and remain independent, as EMA® flexibly adapts to any situation

Intuitive full-text search, for quickly finding the information you need

Storage can be expanded indefinitely and mailbox sizes are also not limited