EMA® and Microsoft 365

Many companies are currently considering a migration to the Microsoft 365 cloud package. A question that arises time and again is what effects this step may have on archiving and existing EMA® installations.

Whether On-Premise or in the Cloud: EMA® is Ready

The good news: EMA® is of course designed to work with Microsoft 365 as well. Due to the standards-based architecture of ARTEC's solutions, all modules and features can be used without the need for lengthy migrations or conversions. You can rely on an EMA® live archive to store all data from Microsoft 365 securely.

Legally Compliant Archiving and Information Management

A secure copy of all relevant company data through external archiving with EMA® offers maximum future-proofing and the basis for comprehensive information management. In addition to the legally compliant storage of unstructured company data, cross-source search options play a decisive role in this context. EMA® also keeps you independent of Microsoft's licensing policies. You can also make flexible changes to your infrastructure at any time, and always have access to all data even if you change your cloud provider. We would be happy to advise you in detailconcerning the use of EMA® with Microsoft 365. Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Advantages at a Glance

EMA® is fully compatible with Microsoft 365

All EMA® modules and features can continue to be used without lengthy migrations or conversions

External archiving with EMA® offers many additional functions and advantages, such as legal compliance and cross-source search

Independence from Microsoft's license policies

Future-proof and maximum flexibility when changing cloud providers