ARTEC Cloud Solutions

Keeping data usable over a number of years is a tough challenge. Legally mandated archiving of e-mail messages and documents is just the tip of the iceberg. Managing unstructured data in different file types that are spread through the company is becoming increasingly important. Using data and information quickly and efficiently is a huge advantage for organizations of all sizes. ARTEC's cloud solutions allow provide long-term storage for your data, while allowing access to it at any time and complying with all legal requirements. The solution has a very user-friendly modular design and flexibly adapts to various requirements.

The Highest Level of Data Security

Our innovative EMA® cloud service concept is specially designed to combine all the financial and technical benefits of a normal cloud solution with high data availability at all times and maximum information security. This is in clear contrast to many of the conventional cloud solutions available on the market; these typically leave key security issues unaddressed.

ARTEC Cloud Services - Secure, Easy, and Reliable!
Flexible and Scalable Cloud Solutions

  • Implement a wide range of application scenarios for industries of all types and sizes
  • Optimal flexibility makes it possible to adapt to virtually all customer needs and market demands
  • Individual options make it possible to integrate ARTEC cloud solutions perfectly into your infrastructure
  • With ARTEC cloud services, you can find safe and economical solutions, ranging from just a few users up to enterprise solutions for any size of company and stage of development
  • Maximum availability, rapidly deployable, and scalable during live operations without any downtime
  • Cost benefits and cost transparency with monthly billing
  • No direct investment or capital commitment
  • Low monthly rate, tax relief as a monthly operating expense
  • Excellent ROI
  • Saves resources, manpower, time, and money
  • High reliability
  • Available for all new or existing installations
  • Easy to use migration and exporting capabilities
  • Data Security in the cloud using encryption
  • Optional: Enhanced security using Firegate VPN*

*preconfigured VPN appliance protected by a TPM chip. Used to establish a secure connection to the ARTEC Cloud.

Good to Know: 100 % Made in Germany

Data security is of central importance for companies and organizations. EMA® Cloud Services by ARTEC are built and operated in Germany. Development, data storage, maintenance, and support are all fully handled in Germany to ensure that your data never leaves German borders.

  • All products and technologies are developed in Germany under the control of ARTEC and are free of third-party technologies.
  • Your data is optimally protected under German privacy regulations.
  • ARTEC is a solid and privately owned company without investors that influence business operations. The company's headquarters are in Karben near Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • ARTEC's service level agreements (SLA) are in accordance with German law.
  • The jurisdiction for all contractual and legal matters is in Germany.
  • ARTEC's customer service operates from Germany and all support agents speak fluent German and English.