5/16/2017: WannaCry attack: Backup or archive alone offer only limited protection

ARTEC IT Solutions warns against deceptive security

Karben, 16.05.2017 - Last weekend, the new ransomware "WannaCry" caused chaos all over the world and took important company data hostage on more than 200,000 computers. In addition to targeted social engineering attacks, the ransomware also exploited a vulnerability in the Windows operating system formerly used by the NSA for cyber espionage to spread rapidly from computer to computer within a network via file shares.

Files and documents stored on infected systems were immediately encrypted. In order to allegedly decrypt the data, those affected have to pay a high ransom. Although Microsoft has published a security update some time ago, which closed the gap, but apparently many systems have not received this update yet.

Backups and archives are also vulnerable

Even though regular data backups are often correctly recommended as an important, fundamental security measure, also with a view to Trojan attacks and ransomware: A simple backup or a conventional archive without a focus on IT security does not offer sufficient protection against variants such as "WannaCry". In case of doubt, the ransomware simply encrypts or deletes the stored data.

"Data security must finally be taken seriously," warns Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "One should not rely solely on automatic updates of the operating system or on backups that are supposedly available at any time. Undiscovered vulnerabilities are traded on the black market and attackers are becoming more creative. It's only a matter of time before the next attack. Our VSTOR® and VSTOR® Vault products, along with the live archive EMA®, provide a safe haven for enterprise data that cannot be taken by conventional attackers."

Companies and authorities using ARTEC solutions do not have to worry about their data or pay a ransom. VSTOR® and EMA® Live-Archiv specifically rely on AOS (ARTEC Operating System) and secure technologies. Both products store an exact copy of all important company data in the background and completely automatically - independent of sources and data formats - on separate, sealed-off enterprise systems, which are protected from attacks. All data is protected against modification by trusted computing technologies and can also be stored on fail-safe VSTOR® Vault storage.

If an attack occurs, the effort is minimized, even in the worst case, only to the cleaning of the affected computers, for example by conventional virus protection. Data encrypted by ransomware or maliciously deleted by malware is easily and conveniently restored to its latest version, which is always backed up immediately before the attack. Downtime - and the associated loss of productivity - is reduced to a few mouse clicks, as recovery can usually be performed by users in a self-service process.

Even when virus scanners and security updates fail, enterprise data remains secure and meaningfully protected with VSTOR®, EMA® and VSTOR® Vault.

The VSTOR® and EMA® product series, which were developed entirely in Germany, are available for any size of company and regardless of industry.

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