9/14/2017: Using Unstructured Data in the SAP System Independently of Source

ARTEC IT Solutions and treeConsult enable holistic information management with "SMART SAP Integration

Karben, 14.09.2017 - With the SMART Integration Tools from ARTEC IT Solutions, unstructured data from a wide variety of sources can be integrated into important applications used on a daily basis. The ARTEC partner treeConsult (http://www.treeconsult.de), specialized in software development for many years, now presents with "SMART SAP Integration" a specific solution for SAP systems on this technological basis.

Drilldown reporting and retrieval directly in the SAP system

Companies that use SAP and for whom legally compliant archiving or digital information management are daily topics and important challenges can use the new integration to link data across sources. Unstructured information - such as e-mails, documents, files or even telephone calls/voice recordings, depending on the scenario - can thus be seamlessly integrated into the central SAP system. In this way, all relevant data associated with a specific process, for example, can be researched and made available directly in the respective SAP application in the shortest possible time via the full-text search of EMA® or VSTOR®.

Dissolution of island structures

Isolated stand-alone solutions for specific types or sources of data are thus effectively avoided. Instead, SAP integration with the Connector for SAP from treeConsult based on the ARTEC SMART Integration Tools enables holistic information management: Data can be easily used exactly in the primary application in which they are actually needed in daily work without media breaks and time-consuming, unproductive search efforts. To further increase productivity and relieve employees, recurring processes on unstructured data can also be automated as workflows.

Long-term usable standard technologies

The indexing or the assignment of attributes and metadata is carried out directly within the ARTEC archive or information management solution without additional data storage in the SAP system. Collaboration with existing archives is also possible. Collaboration with existing archives is also possible.

"Many of our customers face the challenge of linking unstructured data to their daily workflows and primary applications in a meaningful and efficient way to increase productivity," explains Wolfgang Siegl, Managing Director of treeConsult GmbH. "ARTEC's new SDK has enabled us to develop a highly functional SAP integration for this use case. ARTEC and treeConsult ensure future security and independence by using standard technologies that can be used in the long term. This applies both in terms of project duration and costs. Because of these advantages, we see great potential for such solutions."

"We deliberately created the SMART Integration Tools including APIs and SDK to offer partners and system vendors the possibility to provide flexible systems for data exchange between different applications on this basis," says Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "By working closely with innovative technology and reseller partners like treeConsult, we are able to offer our customers a diverse range of smart solutions for different infrastructures, even beyond our own core portfolio."

treeConsult and ARTEC have set up a webinar series around the SAP integration with the Connector for SAP. Current dates and a registration option can be found at http://treeconsult.de/news#smart-sap-integration.

Interested resellers can also obtain further information and specialist support directly from the company's long-standing value-added distribution partner sysob IT-Distribution from Schorndorf.

With the product series VSTOR®, EMA®, and VSTOR® Vault, ARTEC IT Solutions offers solutions for digital information management, legally compliant archiving of source and format-independent data such as e-mails, documents or voice recordings, as well as high-performance storage solutions for companies and organizations.

About treeConsult:

treeConsult is an innovative medium-sized company with extensive know-how in the areas of software development, IT infrastructure management (software and services) as well as special applications based on IBM Lotus and Domino Notes. For more than a decade treeConsult has continuously followed the guiding principle that business processes and IT should be closely intertwined. The treeConsult portfolio includes solutions and services that simplify, standardize and accelerate processes or technologies that make an IT system landscape easy to maintain, secure and cost-effective. More information at: www.treeconsult.de

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