5/18/2016: Integrate unstructured data directly into daily used applications

ARTEC IT Solutions builds bridges between enterprise applications with SMART Link

Karben, 18.05.2016 - ARTEC IT Solutions, provider of solutions for "BIG DATA", eDiscovery, digital information management and legally compliant long-term archiving, presents the new SMART Link module, a fundamental extension for the VSTOR® and EMA® product series. SMART Link enables seamless integration into a wide range of primary applications, including ERP, ECM, CRM and DMS solutions as well as various industry-specific applications.

Search Independent of Source and Format

Unstructured data outside of such systems can be searched directly, quickly and easily via the powerful search function of VSTOR® or EMA® through integration with SMART Link and made available in the respective primary applications - completely independent of source, format, size and location. SMART Link can be integrated as an iFrame or via browser in kiosk mode without the need for a database link to the primary application. Unstructured data belonging to a process can then be called up directly from the respective application via a convenient search mask and is displayed in a Web GUI within the application. Search terms are automatically copied from the primary application, initiating the first search query, which can then be refined further.

Easy Integration Without Custom Programming

SMART Link creates bridges between various applications within companies and organizations without forcing administrators to create complex links and interfaces individually. SMART Link is 100% standards-compliant, can be implemented without time-consuming integration and does not require any add-ins, plug-ins or clients to be constantly updated. It is also completely independent of the version number of the associated applications. Additional training for users is not necessary due to the easy-to-understand and intuitive user interface.

In addition to typical primary applications from different manufacturers, data can also be made more usable in special industry solutions by linking them with SMART Link. These include, for example, solutions from the health care and healthcare segment, software used by public authorities and industry solutions from the finance and insurance sector.

"Data growth continues unabated in most organizations and continues to accelerate. Therefore, holistic digital information management is about being able to use this data in a really meaningful and efficient way," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "With SMART Link, we make it possible to dissolve existing island structures within an organization. Data from a wide variety of systems and applications, such as SAP or a CRM, can thus be linked across sources and easily searchable without having to create a separate connection for each individual case."

With the EMA® and VSTOR® product lines, ARTEC IT Solutions offers solutions for legally compliant, source and format independent archiving of business information, such as e-mail messages, documents, or voice recordings, as well as digital information management for companies and organizations.

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