1/12/2018: Special security architecture protects against Spectre and Meltdown

Information management and archiving appliances from ARTEC IT Solutions not affected by current security vulnerabilities

Karben, 12.01.2018 - Users worldwide are currently unsettled by the "Spectre" and "Meltdown" processor security vulnerabilities.

ARTEC IT Solutions, specialist for information management, archiving, data security and data analytics, can give the all-clear for all product series: Thanks to the special security architecture of the ARTEC operating system AOS, ARTEC appliances such as EMA® are not affected by the current security vulnerabilities. It is also not necessary to apply patches that can have a negative impact on performance.

Spectre and Meltdown exploit processor vulnerability

Spectre and Meltdown are basically based on a special feature of current processor generations: In order to further increase performance and achieve high computing speeds, certain processor operations are carried out in advance "on suspicion". Determined values are stored in the cache. Under certain circumstances, attackers can, for example, use infected websites and special scripts to read out data that is actually protected, such as passwords, from this memory.

Trusted Computing as an effective security barrier

AOS's trusted computing-based security architecture effectively prevents such attacks. Unlike open architectures, the self-contained, dedicated EMA® appliance does not allow third-party applications or potentially malicious scripts to run, completely eliminating an important prerequisite for exploiting the current vulnerabilities.

"Our customers and partners have absolutely nothing to worry about with regard to Spectre and Meltdown," says Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "Data is not at risk at any time and for this reason no special patches or updates are required for EMA® appliances."

ARTEC IT Solutions has compiled further information about the Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities and the special security concept of the AOS operating system in an information sheet, which can be downloaded here:

With the product series EMA® and VSTOR®, ARTEC IT Solutions offers solutions for digital information management, legally compliant archiving of source and format-independent data such as e-mails, documents or voice recordings as well as high-performance storage solutions for companies and organizations.

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