2/11/2016: Switchover Campaign for Users Using the Discontinued Google Search Appliance

ARTEC IT Solutions Starts Switchover Campaign for Users Using the Discontinued Google Search Appliance

Karben, February 11, 2016 - Several media outlets have reported that Google will phase out its Search Appliance and is offering no successor based on physical hardware. ARTEC IT Solutions is now offering a switchover campaign so that resellers and value-added distributors can provide affected customers with a suitable alternative. Customers switching to one of ARTEC's information management appliances can benefit from exclusive discounts on regular prices as part of the switchover campaign. The campaign will last until the end of 2016. The exact discount depends on the chosen appliance. Resellers and value-added distributors can contact ARTEC to obtain further information.

"Experts predict that Google may offer cloud solutions for a company’s internal search function when Search Appliance is discontinued," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "In the German-speaking area in particular, it is expected that not every company will want to take this route due to legal issues related to data protection and data privacy. Our appliances provide companies and organizations with a powerful internal search engine for all kinds of content, and ensure that all data remains inside the local network. As an additional benefit, our appliances provide a way to create an additional backup without requiring external access or storage of data on third-party systems in foreign countries. We encourage all of our resellers and value-added distributors to reach out to their customers and to take advantage of this one-time campaign."

ARTEC, a manufacturer of solutions for big data, eDiscovery, digital information management, and legally compliant long-term archiving, provides a system for digital information management in companies and organizations with its VSTOR® product line.

VSTOR® appliances easily integrate into the network using plug & play technology, making it possible to quickly search and find information in unstructured data using a full-text search engine. The search engine supports content independent of its format, source, and platform. VSTOR® is perfect as the central search engine for all company data, including e-mails, documents, files, images, and voice recordings.

If required, legally compliant, fully automatic archiving of data can also be performed using an appliance from ARTEC's EMA® product line.

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