10/9/2013: Security Risks: ARTEC Warns About Liberal Use of Business Applications in the Cloud

Just days ago, another well-known worldwide software manufacturer became the newest victim of an attack by data thieves. Approximately three million customer records were stolen from the US-based manufacturer. The stolen records apparently also included credit card information. Whether and to what extent the stolen personal information was securely encrypted cannot currently be said.

In the light of this event, the experts at ARTEC IT Solutions AG, a company creating solutions for secure information management and archiving, strongly advice business users against a liberal use of cloud services. CEO Jerry J. Artishdad said:
"New incidents are coming to light at ever shorter intervals, making the risks of supposedly secure, conventional cloud applications very clear. Company executives and managers must be aware that any use of business applications in conventional cloud environments could potentially cause data loss; with all the economic and legal consequences. Even though many service providers advertise their clouds as extremely safe, the reality is unfortunately very different. Safety claims are often purely for marketing purposes and have no real relevance. Competent and well-trained staff alone, for example, will not increase security if the required technology is lacking."

More Security in the Cloud With Trusted Computing

To provide customers with a secure way of using applications and data both locally and in the cloud, ARTEC IT Solutions uses trusted computing for digital information management. This means that encrypted data, for example, an e-mail archive, is locked with an additional key that is bound to physical hardware. The device-specific key is bound to an individual appliance. This makes stealing the mere data completely worthless for attackers. This approach gives users more flexibility in the design and management of their infrastructure, and guarantees maximum security, even if used in the cloud. The key remains with the owner of the data at all times.

ARTEC's VSTOR® and EMA® product families provide users with an innovative solution for easy management, efficient use, and legally compliant archiving of various kinds of business information.