7/8/2020: New Data Center in Bad Nauheim

ARTEC IT Solutions' Construction Project Makes Progress

Karben, 08.07.2020 - Over 9,000 cubic meters of enclosed space and 3,000 square meters of floor space on five floors: ARTEC IT Solutions, leading manufacturer of data management and data security solutions, is currently building a state-of-the-art office building and data center in Bad Nauheim.

Around a year after the groundbreaking ceremony, the shell of the 9-million-euro project has been completed and interior work has begun. The integrated data center is secured by special technological measures including appropriate fire protection solutions and built according to the latest ISO standards. The distance of around 20 kilometres to the ARTEC site in Karben also offers the advantage of geo-redundancy: even in the event of serious local incidents and disaster scenarios, this ensures the fail-safe availability of data and applications.

Working Space for up To 120 Internal and External Employees

In total, this will create workplaces for up to 120 internal and external employees as well as additional conference, event and fitness rooms. It is currently planned that around 50% of the space will initially be let to other sector-related companies, for example from the IT or finance sectors.

The high attractiveness of the new building complex is ensured by premises that have been designed in accordance with the latest findings in areas such as sound insulation, air conditioning and fresh air supply. Special attention is also paid to energy efficiency and an energy mix from alternative, climate-friendly sources - keyword "Green Energy".

"In recent months, many companies have been forced to act rather cautiously. However, we are consistently pushing ahead with the new building and see this both as an investment in the future and as a positive signal for the location as a whole," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "The importance of cloud solutions has become even clearer in times of home offices in many companies and public authorities.

With the additional location and our own redundant data center, we are creating the basis for being able to provide our customers with optimal capacities in the future with the ARTEC Cloud. And doing it deliberately here locally and without having to hand over sensitive data to a few large corporations."

Green Energy and Climate-Friendly Building

Employee-friendly working conditions are ensured by premises designed in accordance with the latest research, taking into account factors such as sound insulation, air conditioning, and air exchangers for a continuous supply of fresh air. Special attention is also being paid to energy efficiency. An energy mix of alternative, climate-friendly sources is planned.

The New ARTEC Building at a Glance

  • Address: Industrial estate Auf dem Hohenstein 3 in 61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany
  • Total area: 3,000 m² on 5 floors
  • Constructed space: Over 9,000 m³
  • Project volume: 9 million euros

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