5/7/2015: New Appliances for Information Management and Archiving Offer Improved Performance

ARTEC IT Solutions Presents the EMA®/VSTOR S60 and S120

Karben, May 7, 2015 – ARTEC IT Solutions, provider of solutions for big data, eDiscovery, digital information management, and long-term archiving, is introducing two new appliances, VSTOR® and EMA® S60 and S120.

The new, higher-performance models are replacing the previously available S40 and S100 models. They are perfect for use in small businesses and are tailored to the increasing demands in the implementation of secure information management and legally compliant archiving.

Higher Data Throughput

In direct comparison to their predecessors, the new appliances, available now, achieve 30% higher data throughput. This addresses the ever-growing demand for instantaneous access to information. They are also characterized by low energy use and quiet operation. Both meet the requirements of modern data centers.

Security through Trusted Computing

The new models use ARTEC's "Trusted EMA®" or "Trusted VSTOR®" security technologies, which are based on Trusted Computing technology. The appliance-specific key of the individual hardware and software combination is protected safely, ensuring the highest level of data security and preventing manipulation of technical components.

New Chassis

The appliances use the standard 19" rack format and thus fit seamlessly into the IT infrastructure of typical standard server racks. Due to the low chassis depth, they can alternatively be set up as desktop appliances without a server rack, which also makes them perfect for smaller organizations. The new chassis used by the S60 and S120 models also harmonizes perfectly with ARTEC's other appliance models. Multiple solutions can now be combined effortlessly.

"At all times, we aim to provide our customers, regardless of the size of the company, with solutions using the latest technology," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "The S60 and S120 appliances offer significantly improved performance. Companies are thus prepared for the continuously growing volumes of data."

With the EMA® and VSTOR® product lines, ARTEC IT Solutions offers solutions for legally compliant, source and format independent archiving of business information, such as e-mail messages, documents, or voice recordings, as well as digital information management for companies and organizations.

Prices and availability:

The new VSTOR® and EMA® S60/S120 appliances are available effective immediately and can be purchased from ARTEC sales partners. Retail prices start at €2,789.00 (EMA® SB60 - "Small Business Edition") and €7,950.00 (VSTOR® SB60 - "Small Business Edition"). Numerous optional extensions are available. The above prices do not include VAT.

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