6/6/2018: More performance for e-mail archiving

The new EMA® DeDup Server from ARTEC IT Solutions avoids duplicates in large infrastructures

Karben, 06.06.2018 - With the new EMA® DeDup Server, ARTEC IT Solutions presents a solution with which large companies in particular can significantly increase performance in e-mail archiving. The new appliance from the specialist for information management, archiving, data security and data analytics ensures that duplicates are avoided and thus leads to reduced storage and resource requirements.

The EMA® DeDup Server is particularly suitable for large and very large infrastructures in which several EMA® appliances are used in conjunction with Exchange. Due to the design of Microsoft Exchange Journaling, a relatively high proportion of multiple e-mails can occur here, for example due to large distribution groups. The reason for this is technically due to the way Exchange handles journaling mailboxes, as one copy of the mail in question is created for each mailbox.

While deduplication works optimally when using a single EMA® system due to the already integrated single instancing, this is not effective when several EMA® s interact in an Exchange environment. In such a scenario, the new EMA® DeDup Server therefore coordinates exactly which e-mail has already been archived and which has not, or which mail is already being processed on a machine. The duplicate detection process is performed directly at the point where envelope journaling reports are being parsed. Unnecessary waiting times are thus avoided and the overall performance of the EMA® appliances used can be significantly increased without additional extensions.

The EMA® DeDup Server can be easily and quickly integrated centrally into the network. The enterprise solution is designed to work with EMA® and is based on a dedicated appliance with an InMemory database. Just like EMA® and other ARTEC solutions, the EMA® DeDup Server is equipped with the AOS operating system.

"The new DeDup Server is a smart solution for large enterprises that want to increase their archiving performance without much effort," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "Since the need for computing power and storage can drop significantly depending on the scenario, a quick return on investment is achievable."

ARTEC IT Solutions offers solutions for digital information management, legally compliant archiving of source and format-independent data such as e-mails, documents or voice recordings as well as high-performance storage solutions for companies and organizations.

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