8/11/2021: Free cloud storage: ARTEC supports affected companies in flood areas

Free cloud storage: ARTEC supports affected companies in flood areas

The current flood disaster has hit not only private households but also companies in the regions hard in many cases, causing enormous damage. Companies are often faced with a double challenge: on the one hand, direct material damage has occurred, for example through the destruction of buildings, plant, equipment and vehicles or the loss of stocks of goods. On the other hand, important data is often affected because IT systems have been damaged.

ARTEC IT Solutions would like to help affected companies in an unbureaucratic, fast and simple way. Companies that need storage space for their data can now get free cloud storage from ARTEC up to a capacity of 1 TB in a secure, ARTEC-owned data center. This offers, for example, the possibility of storing particularly business-critical data in a protected location in a DSGVO-compliant manner while clean-up and recovery work continues in the flood zone.

Secure storage for recovered data

Because while companies are often still struggling to recover their data assets, the next step is to create suitable, secure storage options. Often not an easy undertaking, as office space is sometimes inaccessible and at the same time the situation on the hardware market remains tense.

"Due to the often catastrophic situation, affected entrepreneurs as well as self-employed and freelancers currently often have to overcome a variety of challenges in order to secure the existence of their companies," says Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "With the free cloud storage, we would like to provide at least a little assistance here and relieve those affected of at least one worry."

Affected businesses, self-employed individuals, and freelancers can contact or use the contact form on the vendor's website of data management and data security solutions for more information.

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