12/29/2010: Larger Exhibition Area to Highlight More Innovations

Archiving specialist ARTEC IT Solutions will present its newest innovations at CeBIT 2011.

Karben, 22.12.2010 – ARTEC IT Solutions AG, solution provider for legally compliant archiving of business processes, will present itself on an even larger exhibition area at the upcoming CeBIT 2011 in Hanover, Germany. Together with a group of handpicked business partners, the Karben-based company will show its newest innovations in Hall 2 (stand A38) from March 1, to March 5, 2011. Focus will be put on the entire process chain making up digital information management as part of legally compliant and economically efficient long-term archiving of all business-relevant data.

New products, such as Global e-Discovery for universal search of all data relevant to an organization, Voice to Archive® for legally compliant archiving of voice and telephone data, as well as File to Archive® for archiving complete file systems, will allow the EMA Enterprise Managed Archive® to cover an even larger range of archiving scenarios related to information management in organizations. These groundbreaking solutions seamlessly enhance the already existing basic modules covering archiving of e-mail messages and printed documents. The underlying strategy is simple: the Enterprise Managed Archive and the EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance® will provide organizations with a central repository that allows all relevant information to be archived in a simple and efficient manner. All of the complex legal requirements and regulations for data retention have already been worked out and implemented; saving organizations valuable time and money.

"In the past few months, we have worked very hard to evolve our solutions for digital information management even further", says Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "Those visiting us at CeBIT 2011 can look forward to many exciting innovations. In the next few weeks, we will release more information about what we will be unveiling at CeBIT 2011."

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