11/5/2015: Efficient Information Management in Legal Disputes and Audits

Case Management System from ARTEC IT Solutions Ensures Fast Provisioning of Relevant Information

Karben, November 5, 2015 – ARTEC IT Solutions, provider of solutions for big data, eDiscovery, digital information management, and long-term archiving, has presented its new case management system. The module is designed to support companies and organizations handling legal disputes, tax and financial audits, or other internal investigations.

Search Large Amounts of Data Quickly

In these situations, it is often important to search large or very large amounts of data quickly to be able to retrieve the required information within the shortest possible time. At the same time, evidence must be secured clearly and in accordance with legal provisions.

Integrated Permission Management

The case management system from ARTEC IT Solutions can ensure that all electronic data and the information contained therein can be processed and used quickly and efficiently. Using an integrated rights concept, it is possible to define exactly which users have access what content. This makes it possible to involve external auditors in compliance with data protection laws.

Using the automatic "legal hold" and retention features, it is possible to ensure that all potentially relevant information for a case or a dispute is frozen and cannot be deleted under any circumstances. Additionally, all operations are recorded in an audit log.

Taking All Data into Account

Include all data, independent of its source, format, or location. ARTEC's case management system supports virtually all common office file formats and business documents, including e-mails, files, digitized paper documents, etc. All information can be retrieved extremely quickly using a full-text search engine. Due to the reduced time required for filtering and searching of information, the associated costs are significantly lower.

Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG, adds:

"In so many companies, the continuously growing volume of data has become unmanageable. If timely, relevant information needs to be retrieved or provided as part of legal proceedings or audits, this may not be possible or only possible with a large investment in cost and time. Our technology makes it possible to process even the largest amounts of data quickly using a search engine that provides accurate results within seconds."

The case management system is designed as a module for the VSTOR® (digital information management) and EMA® (legally compliant archiving) appliance solutions.

PDF (German, 507 kB)