11/30/2021: EMA® from ARTEC IT Solutions receives SAP NetWeaver certification again

The integrated SAP-ArchiveLink interface of the specialist for data management, data security and live archiving facilitates digitization projects.

Karben, 30.11.2021 - ARTEC IT Solutions announces that the data management and data security solution EMA® has again been successfully certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver. Through the interaction of EMA® and SAP systems, users have the possibility to create an optimal basis for efficient data management - up to legally compliant storage. This is an aspect that plays a particularly important role in the design of modern cloud environments. Existing SAP ArchiveLink repositories can be migrated during operation and can be replaced particularly easily.

As a central solution, EMA® covers a wide range of applications in the SAP environment. This includes data management, synchronization of metadata, live migration of existing data and data capture of both paper and digital documents via scan/OCR recognition including fully automated assignment. Since EMA® is designed holistically, a wide variety of other sources as well as unstructured data can be integrated in addition to SAP data. This includes e-mails as well as voice recordings, scanned documents or file server files. In this way, a central system with uniform data management can be set up. In addition, data can be protected against cyber attacks by means of a special security concept, as in a "data safe".

"ARTEC IT Solutions has developed its own SAP ArchiveLink-compliant interface that supports digitization projects within existing SAP infrastructures," says Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions GmbH. "At the same time, companies and organizations are thus able to save costs and resources, as no upfront investments have to be made. We are very pleased about the confirmation of our technology in the form of the renewed certification by SAP. ARTEC customers can thus obtain a solution that can be used across all industries and meets all requirements for both legally compliant and efficient data management."

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