8/23/2021: Cyber attacks: Public institutions increasingly targeted

ARTEC IT Solutions warns against relying solely on conventional IT security measures

Karben, 17.08.2021 - The recent attack on a district in Saxony-Anhalt, which even led to the declaration of a local disaster situation, is unfortunately not an isolated case: cybercriminals are increasingly targeting municipalities, cities and public institutions in Germany. So-called "ransomware Trojans" are often used with blackmailing intent, which specifically encrypt files. It is true that a ransom payment (the effect of which is more than questionable anyway) could be avoided in the above case. However, the consequential costs and damage caused by the failure of systems, the inaccessibility of employees and possible data loss are often immense in such scenarios. In some cases, public life is also paralysed - in the affected district, for example, no vehicles could be registered for weeks.

Classic protection mechanisms often insufficient

ARTEC IT Solutions, specialist for data security and data management solutions, warns in this context against relying solely on conventional IT security measures. This is because traditional defenses against attacks often rely on monitoring IT systems and detecting attacks. In practice, however, this is unfortunately often enough only successful with already known attack methods. However, the most important asset - the data itself - is sometimes inadequately protected. This is because the data is potentially still accessible during attacks and exposed to the risk of the continuous race between malware and anti-malware solutions.

EMA® Cyber Defense makes data inaccessible to attacks

ARTEC IT Solutions therefore deliberately goes a step beyond classic protection mechanisms with EMA® Cyber Defense. The solution, which was developed entirely in Germany, ensures that a copy of the data is stored in a "data vault" that is inaccessible to attackers. In a sense, the data is "invisible" and thus not affected by cyberattacks. In the event of an attack with ransomware, data loss due to encryption is thus ruled out. And full productivity and readiness for use are quickly restored, since the required data can be restored within a very short time. EMA® Cyber Defense is based on patented encryption methods and can be deployed on-premises or as a pure cloud service.

Free, secure cloud storage for public institutions

For example, to support municipalities, communities and counties in the fight against cyber attacks, ARTEC IT Solutions now offers public institutions free cloud storage up to a capacity of 1 TB in a secure, ARTEC-owned data center. This creates the opportunity to store critical data in a protected location in a DSGVO-compliant manner. Interested parties can contact or use the contact form on the ARTEC website for more information.

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