9/14/2010: EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance® "Made in USA"

ARTEC IT Solutions to start production in North America

Karben, September 14, 2010 - ARTEC IT Solutions AG, producer of compliant e-mail and document archiving solutions, is expanding its production capacity. With help from distribution partner Abacus LLC (Marietta, Georgia), the EMA E-Mail Archive Appliance® is now also being manufactured in the United States. This strategic partnership aims to optimize logistics in order to better satisfy growing demand faced in the United States.

By manufacturing appliances directly in the United States, our American customers will benefit from improved availability and greatly reduced delivery and support service response times. The infrastructure used to manufacture appliances is permanently connected to ARTEC's headquarters in Karben, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and is completely automated. It allows for up to 30 appliances to be produced per hour.

"The North American market is growing faster than anticipated and the USA is already one of our key markets for EMA®; the best solution for secure and compliant archiving of business processes," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG, "The new production capacity is an important building block in our North American expansion strategy"

EMA® offers compliant and secure archiving of e-mail messages, document and voice data. It has been tried and tested in hundreds of businesses of all sizes, and successfully implemented all over the world. The system is designed specifically to meet the legal requirements of compliant archival of sensitive business information. It is compatible with a wide variety of mail servers and storage media.

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