1/13/2011: Limitless Archiving

ARTEC has expanded its product range by introducing the new EMA® E15000 and E25000 appliances. These new flagship models were designed with large companies and corporations in mind.

Karben, 13.01.2011 – ARTEC IT Solutions AG has introduced two new archiving appliances. The new EMA® E15000 and E25000 models have been designed for the high-end enterprise segment.

Both appliances were designed to cover the entire spectrum of digital information management. They offer integrated, highly available long-term storage of documents, files, e-mail messages, VOIP calls, and ordinary telephone calls in large and very large organizations. In the area of legally compliant e-mail archiving, they allow for easy deployment and implementation in complex, distributed infrastructures. They can reliably and effortlessly archive more than 15,000 mailboxes within an organization. Larger installations were previously covered using multiple appliances. Due to the powerful design of the newly introduced models, even the highest demands for data transfer rates and e-mail throughput can now be handled using a single appliance.

As with all of ARTEC's EMA® appliances, the EMA® E15000 and E25000 both offer industry-leading features and options for legally compliant archiving in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. These include the encryption and digital signing of archived information, the issuing of electronic date and time stamps, as well as Four-Eye-Principle authentication; a proven concept that protects archived information against accidental or intentional manipulation.

Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG notes: "In previously deployed large-scale projects, multiple EMA® appliances were combined. These new models help extend our product portfolio in a sensible manner. EMA® offers an extremely scalable platform that caters small and medium businesses just as well as the large multi-national corporations."

ARTEC's EMA® solutions are newly developed software products that were designed to run on carefully selected high-end servers in the form of appliances that implement legally compliant and economically efficient long-term archiving of all digital information. EMA® appliances archiving e-mail messages, documents, telephone calls, and even VOIP calls have proven their reliability and ease of use in hundreds of installations around the world. These systems are designed specifically to meet the legal requirements of compliant archival of sensitive business information without requiring costly changes to an existing infrastructure. They support various mail servers and storage systems, as well as many common authentication methods and Single Sign-On mechanisms.

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