2/18/2016: ARTEC Preemptively Patches Glibc Vulnerability

Update for AOS Protects Users Against Possible Future Exploits

Karben, February 18, 2016 – A recently discovered vulnerability in the Glibc library has unsettled many users of embedded systems. A problem in a DNS function could lead to the execution of remote code (and possibly malware) under certain circumstances.

ARTEC has decided to take no unnecessary risks and to protect customers from possible exploits which could appear in the coming weeks and months as a result of the vulnerability. AOS (ARTEC OS) 5.23, which is ARTEC's hardened appliance operating system, contains fixes the vulnerability and is now available for installation.

"AOS does not have any direct interaction with Internet hosts, and there is generally no access to external servers. Processing and indexing of data, such as e-mail messages and documents, takes place in a protected subsystem, and our solutions are generally not affected by the Glibc vulnerability," explains Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "Nevertheless, we have decided to provide a rapid, preventative update as a proactive response to possible future threats that can arise as a result of the Glibc situation. The update provides peace of mind to our customers."

AOS 5.23 is now available to users of ARTEC's EMA® (legally compliant e-mail archiving) and VSTOR® (digital information management) and will be distributed as an automatic update on March 1, 2016.

The Glibc library is a central component used by many Unix-based systems.

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