8/26/2010: ARTEC Presents EMA® 3.8

The newest version of the e-mail and document-archiving appliance is now available.

Karben, August 26, 2010 - The Archiving specialist ARTEC IT Solutions (www.artec-it.de) presents the newest version of its archiving solution; EMA® 3.8. Innovative changes and updated features ensure that administrators and other users have even more comfortable and efficient use of EMA® for the compliant archiving of e-mails and documents.

New features include:

  • An attribute system for better organization of the archive
  • E-mail viewer directly accessible from the search interface
  • Limiting of search queries for auditors

One of the most important improvements to version 3.8 is the attribute system. It is now possible to append meta-data to documents and e-mail messages, which helps ensure that the archive remains organized. Moreover, attributes can help improve the speed of search queries. Appending meta-data to documents does not compromise legal compliance in any way. The Basic Attribute System, supplied free of charge to all EMA® users, has a collection of predefined attributes and one additional field that can hold a user-defined attribute. Many predefined attributes exist. These are linked to various features provided by EMA®. For example, attributes exist to mark e-mail messages as private in order to post-process them according to specified criteria.

The optional Enterprise Attribute System allows up to 100 user-defined attributes to be created using a range of different features. Available field types include text, numeric, selection, memo, and Yes/No fields. This makes it possible to structure the archive in a highly customizable manner.

EMA® version 3.8 also turns the appliance into a full-fledged e-mail message viewer. Archived messages can be comfortably read from within the EMA® user interface; without the use of e-mail clients or EML files. By clicking on the subject, the entire e-mail is displayed inside the browser. In addition to the convenient display of e-mail messages, this new feature enables the use of the archive in the event of a breakdown of the normal e-mail infrastructure.

In order to set up limited accounts for auditors, the EMA® 3.8 contains a feature to limit the search queries of these accounts. Such limited accounts are especially suited to comply with data protection rules and ensure data security.

PDF (German, 213 kB)
PDF (English, 204 kB)