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12/18/2023: Attention: Fake e-mails to our partners
7/11/2023: Outlook extension
7/6/2023: Attention Swiss! Webinar by Belsoft Infortix and ARTEC IT Solutions
7/5/2023: Demo Apéro @ Steinfels Brewery
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6/19/2023: Our team at the J.P. Morgan run - together to success!
3/13/2023: With EMA® to the electronic file folder
1/26/2023: Dependence on Microsoft - or better with EMA® the "golden copy"?
7/25/2022: Invisible data vault protects companies from cyber attacks
5/9/2022: Fully exploit the potential of your EMA® with the Premium Manufacturer System Check
12/14/2021: log4j vulnerability: Our ARTEC solutions are not affected
11/9/2021: Compatibility of family and career: ARTEC is "Family-Friendly Company Wetterau 2021
3/18/2021: After major fire in the cloud data center: Separate copy of all data is indispensable
12/2/2020: BSI Warns: New Attacks on the Home Office
11/9/2020: "8:30 Fridays - The Interview" with Jerry J. Artishdad.
10/23/2020: Digital Now: Secure up to 70 % subsidies for digitisation projects with EMA®
10/12/2020: Secure Funding Now: Use EMA® for Your Digitization Projects
8/31/2020: Teams Chats Deleted at KPMG: How To Secure Chats
7/29/2020: Don’t Let Cat Eat Your Data: Meow Attacks on Database Servers
7/23/2020: Illegal Data Retrieval? With Ema, Critical Information Remains Protected
3/20/2020: ARTEC Remains Available as Usual
11/28/2019: TPM-Fail: ARTEC Solutions Not Affected
8/12/2019: Pioneer in Data Security and Digitisation
4/3/2019: Easy Migration to SAP HANA
7/11/2018: "Teamplayer" - ARTEC Is New Partner of the EC Bad Nauheim
7/6/2017: J.P.-Morgan company run on 13 June in Frankfurt
5/17/2017: WannaCry attack: Backup or archive alone offer only limited protection
11/14/2016: Award for ARTEC CEO
11/3/2016: New ARTEC whitepaper: Legal aspects of e-mail archiving
10/27/2016: VAD distributor Api adds ARTEC to its portfolio
9/27/2016: Swiss reseller Swisspro relies on ARTEC
6/20/2016: ARTEC at J.P.Morgan company run in Frankfurt
6/3/2016: ARTEC at the in-house exhibition of Belsoft Infortix in Zurich
5/11/2016: ARTEC at IT-SECURITY Management & Technology Conference
4/21/2016: Workshop Series SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH | 2016 | Leipzig and Hamburg | Germany
4/4/2016: Klopfer Datennetzwerk GmbH Customer Event
3/31/2016: ARTEC Joins House of IT
2/26/2016: Legally Compliant Archiving with EMA® from ARTEC at NetApp TechDemo
2/19/2016: ARTEC Releases Preventive Update to Fix Glibc Vulnerability
2/17/2016: ARTEC IT Solutions Starts Switchover Campaign for Users Using the Discontinued Google Search Appliance
2/8/2016: "Touch the Future" in Zurich: ARTEC at Swisspro In-House Exhibition
2/2/2016: ARTEC at Medialine AG's EXPO:nord in Hamburg
1/29/2016: ARTEC at CeBIT 2016
1/15/2016: ARTEC Kick-Off Meeting 2016: A Complete Success
11/19/2015: Trusted Computing: Stay Safe with ARTEC
10/28/2015: More Performance and More Possibilities: Hats off to ARTEC OS 5.0
10/27/2015: ARTEC at Medocino's In-House Trade Fair in Hamburg
10/27/2015: VIP Event with Czech Distributor
10/23/2015: ARTEC APAC at 32nd Information Conference in Korea
10/23/2015: After Work Event at ARTEC USA!
10/8/2015: TEFO’15 – Technology Forum in Switzerland
8/13/2015: ARTEC at IT Security Expo it-sa 2015
8/13/2015: IT Boat Tour with ARTEC and fat
8/4/2015: Roadshow for Resellers
6/29/2015: Where are DMS and ECM Development Headed?
6/22/2015: Event Series "Unstrukturierte Unternehmensdaten"
6/18/2015: On the Move: ARTEC at the JP Morgan Challenge
6/12/2015: Digital Document Storage at IT Transfer in Frankfurt
6/1/2015: ARTEC & Swisspro Inform About Big Data and Compliance in Zurich
5/5/2015: New at ARTEC: EMA®/VSTOR S60 and S120
4/24/2015: Megahertz Event in Switzerland: Der technische Wandel in vollem Gange
4/17/2015: ARTEC at the RSA Conference: Security with Trusted Computing
4/9/2015: ARTEC IT Solutions Signs Distribution Agreement with Sysob
3/12/2015: ARTEC at "IT Security Made in Germany" Road Show
2/12/2015: ARTEC at CeBIT 2015
2/3/2015: ARTEC to Participate at Vater IT Symposium Held at Hamburg Soccer Stadium
1/14/2015: Big Data Management in Prague
11/27/2014: Secure up to 40% Funding for Secure Information Management Projects in Saxony!
11/26/2014: EMA® and VSTOR®: New Direct Cloud Services
10/23/2014: Archiving Workshop in Dresden, Germany
10/13/2014: it-sa 2014: A Complete Success for ARTEC
10/6/2014: Digitized Textbooks: Big Data for Universities
10/2/2014: Security Update: ARTEC OS Version 4.93
9/24/2014: VSTOR® Vault: Storage Solutions by ARTEC
9/10/2014: Innovation and Creativity: ARTEC at Schmieders IT Talk
7/28/2014: In-House Event at Haltern am See: ARTEC at "Security meets Network"
7/25/2014: it-inform: ARTEC at PDV-Systeme's In-House Trade Fair
7/25/2014: ARTEC at it-sa 2014: Focus on Data Security
6/29/2014: ARTEC Partner Days at Phoenix Park in South Korea
6/18/2014: ARTEC at VSB Solutions GmbH's VSB Connect In-House Event
6/18/2014: On the Move: ARTEC at the JP Morgan Challenge
5/28/2014: Archiving and IT Law: First Swiss Compliance Forum in Zurich
5/22/2014: eDiscovery Technical Conference in South Korea: ARTEC at the Second Annual eDiscovery and Records Management Forum in Seoul
5/21/2014: ARTEC in Mexico: Partner Soluciona Successfully Shows EMA® at DataCenter Expo 2014
5/14/2014: Retention Requirements for Voice Data: ARTEC Provides Ready to Use Solution
5/5/2014: ARTEC to Participate at Day of Innovation at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy
4/28/2014: ARTEC Products Not Affected by "Heartbleed" SSL Security Vulnerability
4/2/2014: A Successful Trade Fair: Zorg & ICT
2/18/2014: Marco Widmann Joins ARTEC IT Solutions as Marketing Manager, Strengthens Team
2/14/2014: BIG DATA and Modern Information Management in the Health Sector
2/14/2014: Trade Fair Planning for 2014
1/24/2014: Great Interest in Cloud Solutions: Successful In-House Exhibition at GRASS-MERKUR
1/10/2014: Secure Cloud Archiving with ARTEC and GRASS-MERKUR
12/13/2013: New Business Development Manager
12/3/2013: Growing Channel Team
11/14/2013: Partnership: ARTEC Cooperates with Recall
10/14/2013: Storage Expo: ARTEC at Dutch Trade Fair
10/9/2013: Security Risks: ARTEC Warns About Liberal Use of Business Applications in the Cloud
9/15/2013: Certified for Secure Voice Archiving
8/15/2013: Event in Madrid: Learn About BIG DATA and Compliant Archiving by ARTEC
6/28/2013: New Distributor in the Czech Republic: Interface Security
6/28/2013: ARTEC Wins New Distribution Partner in Switzerland
6/19/2013: Well-Attended Day of Innovation
5/3/2013: ARTEC at the Day of Innovation at Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy
4/15/2013: ARTEC at IT & Media 2013 in Darmstadt, Germany
3/26/2013: CeBIT Once Again a Great Success for ARTEC
12/13/2012: ARTEC Warns About Risks in Virtual Infrastructures
12/10/2012: Trend BIG DATA: Strong Growth
6/14/2012: A Complete Success: An Assessment of the First ARTEC Partner Days
5/7/2012: A Complete Success: An Assessment of the First ARTEC Partner Days
4/23/2012: The First ARTEC Partner Days
3/12/2012: CeBIT 2012 - A Complete Success for ARTEC
3/6/2012: ARTEC Presents New VSTOR® product family at CeBIT
2/17/2012: ARTEC at CeBIT 2012: Information Management and "Big Data"
1/10/2012: A Focus on Notes: ARTEC IT Solutions at Lotusphere 2012
12/21/2011: An International Presence: ARTEC at EU Gateway in Japan
11/11/2011: Cloud Storage: ARTEC Urges Organizations to Pay Attention
10/3/2011: Invoices by E-Mail: Advanced Signatures are Sufficient
9/21/2011: CMP Enterprise: E-Mail Backup and Restore
9/6/2011: Expansion: ARTEC in the United States
8/18/2011: DAWODIS Joins as New Distributor
8/4/2011: Trusted EMA®: Maximum Protection for Archives
7/26/2011: Expansion of Distribution Channels
6/26/2011: Successful Trade Show Event in Las Vegas
4/7/2011: Announcement: Interop Trade Show 2011
3/10/2011: EMA® Cloud Service: Flexible Archiving that Adapts to Your Needs
3/8/2011: CeBIT 2011: Highly Successful for ARTEC
1/13/2011: Limitless Archiving: New High-End Models of
12/29/2010: Announcement: CeBIT 2011
5/20/2010: Archiving Ace: ARTEC at Interop in Las Vegas
5/10/2010: Exciting Research Results: Voice Archiving at ARTEC
5/6/2010: Higher Data Security: ARTEC Emphasizes on the Advantages of Appliance Solutions
2/18/2010: Distribution Partnership: ARTEC Cooperates with Zycko Networks
1/4/2010: Certificates: ARTEC Warns About Fraudulent Labeling
12/21/2009: Data Protection Needs 4-Eye-Principle
11/24/2009: Secretary of Justice Attempts to Regain Lost Trust
10/1/2009: Hessian State Officials Curious about EMA® Archive Appliance
7/6/2009: Administrators Sniffing about by the Help of Access Privileges
6/22/2009: Juristic Surveys Praise Legal Security of EMA® Appliance
6/1/2009: Air Force Generates New Data Scandal
4/27/2009: Data Privacy Continues to Gain Significance for Businesses
3/17/2009: Finnish Bosses May Check E-Mails
3/16/2009: ARTEC Sends Positive Signals from CeBIT 2009
2/9/2009: CeBIT 2009: ARTEC Displays Continuous Mail Protection at Booth A 38 in Hall 2
12/29/2008: Data Theft Booming At Christmas
12/15/2008: Search for Documents Takes up to 50 Percent of Users Working Time
10/28/2008: Publishing House Gets Impersonal with Personals
10/6/2008: Fine in Affair about Forged E-Mail
9/23/2008: Palin Case Illustrates Significance of Secure E-Mail Archiving
7/27/2008: Data theft does not require a Genius
6/30/2008: Sensitive Data of 500,000 German Citizens Openly Available on the Web
6/23/2008: Deutsche Telekom Asserts Data Security
6/12/2008: Data of German Union Available in Second-Hand Computer Store
4/14/2008: Interop Las Vegas 2008: ARTEC Presents EMA® 3.3
4/7/2008: EMA® Convinces CeBIT Visitors
2/12/2008: Compliance as a Stumbling Block
1/14/2008: Online Storage in Increasing Demand
11/26/2007: Extraordinary Use Case Demonstrates Need for Data Encryption
11/26/2007: Record Breaking: British Government Loses 25 Million Data Records
11/14/2007: Press Workshop: NetAPP/ARTEC - A Delicate Interplay of Legally Defensible E-Mail and Document Archiving
10/29/2007: Loss of Data Leads to Increased Spending of 20 Percent per Year
10/15/2007: EMA® Users Worry Less
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5/3/2013: ARTEC at the Day of Innovation at Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

On May 16, 2013, ARTEC will attend the 20th Day of Innovation at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. One particular focus will be distributed search in databases of global and local environments. This technology was developed with official funding from the federal ministry.

ARTEC's new technology makes it possible to provide universal and powerful search capabilities that extend over all data in an enterprise network. It is ARTEC's answer to the challenge that is BIG DATA. Even the largest and most unstructured sets of data cannot only be managed comfortably, but also used in a viable and efficient manner. Information is but a mouse click away.

The 20th Day of Innovation will be held on the premises of AiF Projekt GmbH in Germany. Federal Minister Dr. Philipp Rösler is expected to hold the opening speech.