1/15/2016: ARTEC Kick-Off Meeting 2016: A Complete Success

Distribution Partners Discovered New Solutions for Digital Information Management

Karben, 01.15.2016 - As part of the first international kick-off meeting, ARTEC IT Solutions AG invited selected partners to a two-day event held on January 11 - 12, 2016. Around 30 participants, including national and international distribution partners, took the opportunity to learn more about the latest products and solutions in preparation for the new business year.

The venue, a local cinema in Karben, near Frankfurt am Main, provided a very special atmosphere for presentations and lectures. The evening was rounded off with a VIP showing of a movie.

The kick-off meeting was mainly focused on new ARTEC developments, such as SMART Link, a tool for seamless integration of primary applications (DMS, ERP, ECM, and CRM systems) without using complex connectors and plug-ins.

The new SMART station module for detecting and indexing images and non-textual data, such as e-mail attachments, was also introduced. ARTEC's enterprise scan engine and scan station attracted particular attention as part of a presentation about paper handling in the digital age. Participants also learned about the advantages of combining DAS storage with EMA® and VSTOR® solutions, which are the first information management appliances with built-in storage management. New eDiscovery and case management solutions, which were designed to meet compliance policies and to tackle complex legal issues, were also presented. The kick-off event was rounded off with an outlook on future developments that are planned for 2016 and 2017.

"Our kick-off event was a complete success," says Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "Feedback from our partners was very positive. Two challenges that come as part of our new position in the area of information management are merging unstructured data in distributed environments and eliminating isolated solutions. We want to use these events to provide our partners with the best possible support for positioning and presenting our solutions. The markets for digital information management and big data have great potential for distributors and resellers, because many companies and organizations have considerable room for improvement in these areas."

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