5/29/2006: Introduces Release 2 of EMA® E-Mail Archiving Appliance

With release 2 of EMA®, ARTEC has created a unique and innovative E-Mail archiving system, which easily integrates into common E-Mail setups (POP3/SMTP) and servers. The special legal aspects as well as the economic requirements for the long term and fix content archiving of the e-mail data has been put into a careful consideration and is now fully implemented into the release 2.0.

Ease of use and simple integration of EMA® in existing IT environment is another strong feature of the product. After connecting the appliance to your network and going through a short one-time configuration, the E-Mail archive is ready for operation within a few minutes. It will automatically archive all incoming and outgoing E-Mail messages (attachments included), and will also automatically encrypt and digitally sign them, ensuring their integrity. EMA® archives messages using the platform independent standard internet format, RFC822, independent from mail server format, which assures the computability and readability of the archived mail data in future.

You can restore archived messages to their original format within seconds from the intuitive and easyto- use web interface. This happens independently of which E-Mail client or server is used in any business or organization. Also no additional software or plug-in is necessary and current E-Mail system stays as it is. EMA® does not depend on any special kind of storage for its archive. The encrypted archive can be stored in a Windows or UNIX NFS share. State-of-the-art encryption technology ensures that the archive can only be opened by the device that created it, thereby protecting your messages from unauthorized access. This most important aspect of the EMA® built-in security features is a guarantee for the owner of E-Mail data, that the access to the archived E-Mails are only possible through the initial owner. No matter where the data is stored (onsite storage, offsite storage or any data center anywhere).

EMA® is equipped with an easy to use backup and restore feature, for both the operating system, and the archived data. Automatic updates and the digital signature service utilize ARTEC’s ANA Automated Networks Administrator technology. As an additional security measure, ANA’s digital signature service allows verifying the authenticity of the archived E-Mail messages without forwarding their contents to the signature server. This new method of protected digital signature makes sure, that the e-mail content is highly restricted to its owner.

EMA® has no user limits and no archiving limits. You can order EMA®, complete with a three-year warranty, software updates, and digital signature service from € 2,890 (excl. VAT).

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