3/8/2007: NetApp Certifies ARTEC E-Mail Archiving Appliance

Certification Provides Customers with Simplified E-mail Management and Data Compliance

SUNNYVALE, Calif.-March 8, 2007-Today, Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) announced certification of ARTEC IT Solutions e-mail archiving appliances - the EMA® S40 and S400 - with NetApp SnapLock software. Now ARTEC EMA® appliances work seamlessly with NetApp unified storage systems running SnapLock software with WORM (write once read many) volumes, providing customers with tamper-proof, compliant storage on diskbased secondary and primary storage systems.

The explosion in e-mail and e-mail attachments, combined with increased attention to regulatory compliance and corporate governance issues, is fueling data management and compliance challenges for customers.

ARTEC EMA® appliances deployed with NetApp unified storage and SnapLock software provide customers with data replication, data protection, and maximum reliability when backing up business-critical e-mail data. NetApp SnapLock software provides companies the flexibility to comply with regulatory and best-practices recordsretention requirements by allowing the creation of separate WORM volumes on NetApp NearStore™ and FAS storage systems, thereby preventing critical files from being altered or deleted before a specified retention date.

ARTEC EMA® appliances empower customers to create a secure and easily manageable archive of all e-mail traffic. The appliances automatically keep a safe copy of both received and sent e-mail and assign the backup as an archive, providing companies with an easier way to archive all relevant business e-mails. Certification with NetApp SnapLock software means that customers’ e-mails are time and date stamped and then encrypted using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) method. SnapLock then "locks down” the e-mails once they are automatically archived so they cannot be altered.

"E-mail is a data management monster,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions and Alliances at Network Appliance. "Certification of EMA® appliances with NetApp unified storage and SnapLock software provides customers with a simplified approach to managing email as well as a means to significantly reduce risks associated with keeping data tamperproof and compliant. With this certification we are helping customers simplify a complex data management and archiving challenge.”

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