6/19/2013: Well-Attended Day of Innovation

ARTEC IT Solutions Successful at Event of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs

Karben, June 19, 2013 - This May, ARTEC IT Solutions AG (http://www.artec-it.de), a leading provider of solutions for digital information management and archiving, participated as an exhibitor at the Day of Innovation of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Around 300 small and medium-sized companies, research institutions, and networks received the opportunity to demonstrate new processes, products, and services on the open-air premises of AiF project GmbH in Berlin, Germany.

"The Day of Innovation at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs was a great success for us," says Jerry J. Artishdad, CEO of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "Over 1500 visitors from all over Germany attended. Interest was strong; especially from the IT industry. We enjoyed many interesting conversations, and a stimulating exchange of views with representatives from many companies and organizations, as well as with politicians and researchers. The outdoor venue also contributed to a very unique atmosphere."

ARTEC demonstrated its distributed search technology to visitors in Berlin. It can search through databases in global and local environments, and was developed by ARTEC with funding by the federal ministry.

Even very large, unstructured sets of data can be managed and kept usable in an efficient manner. This is an important criterion for many companies that facing ever-increasing amounts of data as part of the challenge that is "BIG DATA". ARTEC actively uses the in various products, including the VSTOR® product family, Fully developed in-house, it was carefully designed for managing large and very large amounts of information.

In total, around 200 research and development projects from various areas and industries were presented at the Day of Innovation.

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