6/23/2017: ARTEC synchronizes data without latency problems

New WAN synchronization prevents delays when transferring large amounts of data between different locations and ensures point-in-time synchronization

Karben, 21.06.2017 - Companies and organizations that need to continuously synchronize large amounts of data between geographically separated locations often struggle with latency issues: Especially when data centers are located far apart in different countries or continents, the processing and confirmation required for each individual file can cause transmission latencies to build up massively. This is not only problematic from an operational point of view, but also with regard to compliance regulations and up-to-date data storage at all locations.

"Block handling" for data

With the new WAN synchronization, ARTEC IT Solutions now offers a solution that allows customers to synchronize their data on spatially separated EMA® or VSTOR® information management and archiving systems without delay problems. The new function is based on a special synchronization protocol in the ARTEC operating system AOS. In this process, data from the main device is also written directly to the second system. Large amounts of individual data - up to 20,000 documents - are combined as a data package, which eliminates the latency problems caused by "acknowledging" individual files.

Security advantage over backup scenarios

WAN synchronization also provides an additional security and productivity benefit: If a system at the primary site fails, a second system is available that has a complete index up to the minute before the failure - unlike typical backup scenarios with only daily data backups. The standby device, which is directly connected to the main device via WAN synchronization, is able to restore the database and index on its own. This creates considerable added value compared to IT infrastructures in which data is written to a file server via CIFS, NFS or NCP, for example, or to a storage system via iSCSI, DAS, USB or FC.

Trusted Computing Technology

Data transmission is also secured by the use of trusted computing technology: All ARTEC devices are equipped with a certificate and corresponding keys ex works. In this way, only coordinated, authorized devices can communicate with each other without the need for additional passwords, cloud services or access rules. With the product series VSTOR®, EMA®, and VSTOR® Vault, ARTEC IT Solutions offers solutions for digital information management, legally compliant archiving of source and format-independent data such as e-mails, documents or voice recordings, as well as high-performance storage solutions for companies and organizations.

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