4/6/2012: Solutions for "BIG DATA" and Digital Information Management Impress Visitors

ARTEC IT Solutions Concludes Successful CeBIT Appearance

Karben, April 4, 2012 - ARTEC IT Solutions AG, a leading supplier of solutions for digital information management, has drawn a positive conclusion at the end of CeBIT 2012.

ARTEC used its 200 square meter exhibition area in Hall 2 to unveil the all-new VSTOR® product family together with the company's partners. The newly released appliance solutions allow companies and organizations to use and manage large amounts of data at any time, and in ways that makes sense.

"Visitors' interest in our new VSTOR® solutions completely surpassed our expectations", says Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "One of the major IT challenges right now is handling the ever-increasing amounts of data that organizations produce. Unlike most of our competitors, we focus on a holistic approach that is not limited to data used in daily operation. More than sixteen years of experience in the field of archiving enable us to offer sophisticated solutions that are built on a proven technical foundation and immediately ready for use. "

VSTOR®, together with its eDiscovery (comprehensive, centralized search in local and global environments) and recovery (backup and restore) modules, is perfectly complemented by ARTEC's proven and legally-compliant EMA® archiving solution.

ARTEC's product portfolio now covers the entire spectrum of information management in companies and organizations.Integrated and well-matched solutions provide efficient access to day-to-day production data, optimize backup and restore processes, and offer legally compliant long-term storage of content.

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