3/6/2012: VSTOR® "Big Data" Solutions for Comprehensive Information Management

ARTEC IT Solutions Launches New product family at CeBIT

Karben, 06/03/2012 - At CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, ARTEC IT Solutions (http://www.artec-it.de), provider of solutions for digital information management, is presenting the new VSTOR® product family for the first time (Hall 2 / A50).

The VSTOR® eDiscovery and VSTOR® Recovery solutions are ideal for all companies and organizations wanting to use and manage their ever-increasing amounts of data in a smart and efficient manner.

VSTOR® eDiscovery provides users with a unique and centralized search system that extends across all the relevant information. No matter what kind of data, which document, or which e-mail needs to be retrieved: VSTOR® eDiscovery provides access at any time via its fast full-text search engine.

Database synchronization or prior centralization of information is not necessary. All relevant information is made available to authorized users both locally and globally, and also across multiple sites. The approach used to achieve this remains compliant with legal regulations. VSTOR® eDiscovery can be put into operation quickly, increases availability of information, and significantly enhances productivity.

VSTOR® Recovery optimizes and simplifies the backup and recovery processes in companies and organizations. All common data formats, such as e-mail systems, various network file systems, paper documents, and voice communications, are supported and can be used in parallel. Even individual documents and files can be restored in no time.

The unique approach used by VSTOR® allows data to be stored according to their "value." Older data that is not needed often can be swapped out to more cost-effective storage media very easily, but still remains available at any time and without restriction. VSTOR® Recovery can augment or fully replace traditional tape backup and data security solutions depending on how it is used.

The EMA Enterprise Managed Archive®, a well-established and sophisticated archiving platform from ARTEC, optimally complements the VSTOR® product family. EMA® provides economic and legally compliant storage for all information relevant to organizations. E-mail messages, documents, files, and even voice data/phone calls; EMA® can process all of them.

"Big Data places organizations in front of great challenges," said Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG."Information is a huge potential, but must be readily usable across multiple locations, and without first turning around the existing IT infrastructure. This is precisely what we kept in mind while designing our VSTOR® product family. Our products provide our customers with an economically efficient, law-abiding, and highly available platform for information management."

ARTEC IT Solutions at CeBIT 2012: Hall 2, Stand A50

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