9/21/2011: E-Mail Backup and Restore for Large Organizations

ARTEC IT Solutions Launches Enterprise Versions of CMP Appliance

Karben, 20. September 2011 - ARTEC IT Solutions, manufacturer of solutions for legally compliant archiving and digital information management has launched new versions of the CMP (Continuous Mail Protection) appliance. CMP is a solution for automatic single mail backup and restore. E-mail messages are reliably backed up and can be restored at any time if needed.

The three new models, CMP 800, CMP 15000, and CMP 25000 were designed for organizations of different sizes. While CMP 800 is aimed primarily at SME customers, CMP 15000 and CMP 25000 also support extensive e-mail infrastructures in large organizations and corporations with more than 10,000 mailboxes. The powerful hardware platforms allow such scenarios to be covered using a single appliance. The installation can be carried out within a few hours.

ARTEC IT Solutions' CMP appliances work with all popular storage technologies, including as NAS, iSCSI, and FC. Thanks to the ability to perform full-text searches, backup, and recovery in a matter of seconds, they form a suitable supplement to existing disaster recovery concepts in companies and organizations. To allow for retroactive archiving, existing e-mail messages (e.g. messages stored in PST files) can be imported into the CMP appliance. Due to the consistent use of standardized technologies, the solutions are flexible and future proof, and do not rely on any specific formats or mail servers.

"These days, communication via e-mail is a pivotal point of business activity in many companies", says Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG. "Losing access to e-mail messages can slow down business processes, disrupt operations, and result in extensive financial losses. Companies should therefore devote the necessary attention when it comes to backing up e-mail messages. Backing up using CMP has the additional benefit of lowering the load on existing resources."

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