8/4/2011: Secure Information Management in the Cloud

Archiving specialist ARTEC IT Solutions introduces its new Trusted EMA® security concept

Karben, 04.08.2011 – ARTEC IT Solutions has introduced its new Trusted EMA® security concept. With the introduction of Trusted EMA®, the specialist for archiving and digital information management has provided additional hardware features for its EMA® appliance solutions. These implement a secure backup and storage mechanism for business data that complies with the Trusted Computing Standard (TC).

The core of Trusted EMA® is the integration of a hardware-based TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip. This provides optimal protection for device-specific encryption keys of each individual hardware and software combination. This ensures high data security, prevents tampering, and stops unauthorized third parties from accessing information. Trusted EMA® also allows roles, permissions, and custom access regulations to be monitored seamlessly.

The advantages of this new approach to data security can be used both locally and in cloud computing infrastructures. This increases the security and thus control over data even if some storage media is lost.

Jerry J. Artishdad, Managing Director of ARTEC IT Solutions AG comments: "With its self-contained appliance concept with hardware and software components that match like lock and key, EMA® has always been one of the most secure archiving solutions on the market. With Trusted EMA®, we now go one step further and complement our array of existing security features. When dealing with business information such as e-mail messages, documents, files or voice data, the security of the data is naturally quite high on the agenda. Trusted EMA® provides organizations with secure out-of-the-box protection for content of any kind."

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